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Responding to Emergencies
12 July 2012

Sahel Campaign Blows Past Fundraising Goal

WFP supporters beat the expectations of a recent fundraising campaign by raising enough money to feed some 15,000 mothers and children in the drought-stricken Sahel for more than three months. Fundraisers said that was well above their goal and thanked the Dutch National Postcode Lottery for matching all of the donations during the campaign.

Responding to Emergencies
10 July 2012

Sahel Crisis: Where Are We Now? (Interview)

The Sahel region of West Africa has been struggling with a severe food crisis for several months now and, with its partners, WFP has rolled out emergency assistance projects in eight different countries. At present we are working to assist some 10 million people affected by drought and conflict. 

First time here
6 July 2012

How Solving Hunger Builds A More Secure World

In the first part of our series on Hunger, we argued that this issue is the World’s Greatest Solvable Problem. In part two, we explained why solving hunger is critical for the next generation. In this third part, we look at how solving hunger would also have a positive impact on peace and security in the world.

Aid professionals
6 July 2012

Interactive Maps Make Logistics Planning Easier

Getting food assistance to hungry people in Chad and other remote areas of Africa's Sahel region is hard at the best of times. And with the region now hit by a major hunger crisis, the pressure on WFP's logistics team is higher than ever. Some new mapping technology is providing welcome support.

Responding to Emergencies
5 July 2012

South Sudan - One Year On

One year after its birth, the new nation of South Sudan is facing challenges on every side. But none is more pressing than its hunger crisis, which currently affects some 4.7 million people – around half of the population.

Aid professionals
3 July 2012

Ethiopia – An African Leader In Disaster Risk Management

Risk management is high on the agenda of the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition launched by G8 leaders in May 2012. It’s part of a paradigm shift from managing disasters to managing risks, which is central to the New Alliance’s commitment to achieve sustained and inclusive agricultural growth, reduce poverty, and improve food security in Africa. Mathewos Hunde, a leading Ethiopian expert in the field, tells us how risks are being managed in his country.

3 July 2012

Kids Across Australia Join Fight Against Hunger

Children at over 7,000 schools across Australia will learn about the importance of ending hunger as part of a nationwide campaign launched Tuesday with the help of WFP Youth Ambassador Jessica Watson. The youngest person ever to sail around the world unassisted, Watson learned about the importance of child nutrition last year while visiting WFP school meals programmes in Laos.

Cash and Vouchers
3 July 2012

The Ultra Poor In Bangladesh: 140 Euros For A New Life

This article originally appeared in print in the German magazine, Maxi, for its July 2012 edition.  All text and photos are by David Weyand. What follows below is the full article, translated from German.

Aid professionals
1 July 2012

Dedicated Aid Worker Carries Olympic Torch For WFP

Laotian national Vadsana Sinthavong represented WFP at the Olympic Torch Relay in the UK on Sunday, carrying the Flame through the streets of Birmingham as it made its way to London to start the 2012 Olympic Games. Sinthavong was chosen to represent WFP from a large pool of candidates by WFP Executive Director Ertharin Cousin.

29 June 2012

Sahel Crisis: 8 Questions Answered

For the third time in a decade, drought in the Sahel region of Africa is threatening millions of people with hunger. But how do people survive in these situations and what are we doing to help them? Here are the answers to eight questions about the current hunger crisis in the Sahel and WFP's response to it.


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