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21 May 2010

Colombia: Families Take The Sweet Route Out of Hunger

Mercedes Bohorquez has made panela, the main ingredient in Colombia’s favourite thirst-quencher for as long as she can remember. But, unable to sell her product herself, she remained trapped in poverty. Now, with a helping hand from WFP, she and her fellow paneleros are solving that problem.

Food For Assets
19 May 2010

Philippines: With Typhoon Past, Family Builds New Home

Since a typhoon destroyed their home last year, Mildred's family has been living on a beach. Their fishing boat damaged and their savings exhausted, they had nowhere to turn. But their fortunes are changing with a programme that takes care of food needs as they rebuild their lives.

School Meals
18 May 2010

Kenya: School Meals Graduates Pass Down Rewards

WFP has been providing school meals to children in Kenya for over 20 years. Today, a new generation of graduates is turning the rewards of those meals into stronger communities. Anthropologist Timothy J. Finan, author of a new report on school feeding in Kenya, tells us how.

WFP Ambassadors
12 May 2010

Haiti Is First Stop For New WFP Ambassador Christina Aguilera

WFP’s new Ambassador Against Hunger Christina Aguilera visited two schools in quake-stricken Haiti on Tuesday to meet the children receiving food aid through WFP school meals programmes. Singing Happy Birthday to a class in Leogane, she also voiced her hope for a Haitian rebirth.

Food For Assets
12 May 2010

Haiti: Food Aid Helps Small Towns Rebuild

Residents from rural Monnonville face a daunting task in rebuilding after the earthquake, which caused severe damage to their homes and farms. WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran saw first hand how food aid can be used to help get the job done.

School Meals
11 May 2010

Haiti: School Meals Bring Children Back to School

Brightly coloured school uniforms are reappearing on the streets of Haiti as more and more children return to class after the January earthquake. For many of the kids, school is not just a place to learn but also the source of a precious, nutritious meal.

ED - J.Sheeran
11 May 2010

Brazil's President Lula Honoured For Fighting Hunger

WFP has honoured President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva as a “Global Champion in the Battle Against Hunger”. WFP's Executive Director Josette Sheeran went to Brazil to meet the president and to learn more about how the country's Zero Hunger strategy works.

ED - J.Sheeran
10 May 2010

Brazil Shows World How To Beat Hunger, Says WFP

Brazil's impressive progress in fighting hunger is largely thanks to an ambitious strategy called Zero Hunger.  WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran spent the first day of a trip to Brazil visiting family farms and schools to get a closer look at how it works. Video

WFP Ambassadors
7 May 2010

Christina Aguilera Lends Voice To Fight Against Hunger

Five-time Grammy Award winner, Christina Aguilera, is the latest celebrity to join the ranks of  WFP's Ambassadors Against Hunger. She spoke about her determination to help fight hunger worldwide during an appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on Friday.  

School Meals
4 May 2010

Congo: School Meals Help Families Make Ends Meet

A teacher and mother of three, Mrs Kambere Sirivahani knows first-hand the effect WFP school meals can have on a schoolroom. She's seen her own swell with lively students who now have the strength to concentrate on school work. Back at home, families like hers finally have a chance to get ahead.


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