A unique view of all the ways WFP is assisting millions of people worldwide.

Responding to Emergencies
26 May 2010

Tajikistan: Floods Wash Away Homes and Farmland

Record downpours this May brought a rash of flooding to the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes. WFP is appealing for $600,000 in relief assistance to help them through the emergency.

Food For Assets
25 May 2010

Pakistan: Woman Farmer Curbs Hunger Cycle With Food Aid

Bakhtawar Mai turned in a great harvest this year, which means she finally grew enough food to feed her family. This was possible because a little food aid at the right time enabled her to cover her immediate food needs and, at the same time, buy enough seeds for the year ahead.

Food Security Analysis
25 May 2010

WFP and Indonesia Launch Second ‘Food Security Atlas’

A new Food Security and Vulnerability Atlas drawn up by the Indonesian government and WFP provides a precise map of food insecurity across the Asian nation, enabling better targeting of interventions against hunger.

24 May 2010

Right Foods, Right Time: Nutrition In 2 Minutes

Most people think of malnutrition as not having enough to eat. But for many of the world's one billion hungry people, the problem is also that they get too few of the minerals and vitamins that they need to thrive, physically and mentally. Watch this two-minute video to get the lowdown on nutrition and why the right foods at  the right time make all the difference.

24 May 2010

Haiti: Feeding Children Fends Off Malnutrition In Slums

Janette Andres lives in Cité Soleil, one of Haiti’s biggest and poorest slums. Her husband was killed in the January earthquake, leaving her to fend for herself and their four children. While Janette looks for a way to support them, WFP is helping her protect her family from malnutrition.

21 May 2010

Colombia: Families Take The Sweet Route Out of Hunger

Mercedes Bohorquez has made panela, the main ingredient in Colombia’s favourite thirst-quencher for as long as she can remember. But, unable to sell her product herself, she remained trapped in poverty. Now, with a helping hand from WFP, she and her fellow paneleros are solving that problem.

Food For Assets
19 May 2010

Philippines: With Typhoon Past, Family Builds New Home

Since a typhoon destroyed their home last year, Mildred's family has been living on a beach. Their fishing boat damaged and their savings exhausted, they had nowhere to turn. But their fortunes are changing with a programme that takes care of food needs as they rebuild their lives.

School Meals
18 May 2010

Kenya: School Meals Graduates Pass Down Rewards

WFP has been providing school meals to children in Kenya for over 20 years. Today, a new generation of graduates is turning the rewards of those meals into stronger communities. Anthropologist Timothy J. Finan, author of a new report on school feeding in Kenya, tells us how.

WFP Ambassadors
12 May 2010

Haiti Is First Stop For New WFP Ambassador Christina Aguilera

WFP’s new Ambassador Against Hunger Christina Aguilera visited two schools in quake-stricken Haiti on Tuesday to meet the children receiving food aid through WFP school meals programmes. Singing Happy Birthday to a class in Leogane, she also voiced her hope for a Haitian rebirth.

Food For Assets
12 May 2010

Haiti: Food Aid Helps Small Towns Rebuild

Residents from rural Monnonville face a daunting task in rebuilding after the earthquake, which caused severe damage to their homes and farms. WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran saw first hand how food aid can be used to help get the job done.


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