A unique view of all the ways WFP is assisting millions of people worldwide.

Preventing Hunger
22 December 2014

A Cold Christmas For Iraqi Christians

When fighters captured Qaraqosh town in the heat of early August, Basseema had little time to think ahead to winter. Like thousands of other Iraqi Christians who fled the violence, carrying nothing to help them withstand the cold, she faces a painful festive season.  

22 December 2014

10 Facts About Malnutrition In Indonesia

Here are 10 facts that give the measure of the malnutrition situation in Indonesia. Please help WFP raise awareness by sharing these facts on Twitter.

Responding to Emergencies
22 December 2014

Ebola: Helicopter Mission Brings Food To Remote Village In Liberia

WFP's team in Liberia was recently called on to take food to a remote village where Ebola has killed at least 14 people in the last few weeks. Donaig Le Du joined the helicopter crew and reconstructs the mission here through pictures she took at the time. 

Climate Change
22 December 2014

Cooking Can Save Lives

For WFP, work goes beyond delivering food assistance. Making sure that the food we provide can be consumed as safely and nutritiously as possible is a sustainable way towards eradicating global hunger. For this purpose, at the Cookstoves Future Summit in November, New York, WFP committed to making cooking safe for 10 million people by 2020 with the 10 X 20 Campaign.

Focus on Women
19 December 2014

Working Together to Build a More Resilient Future in Mali

In Mali, a recent pastoral crisis, successive droughts and political instability have left many communities in a precarious situation – a situation that could be devastating if another shock hits before they can fully recover.

19 December 2014

Ebola Response: In Addition to Food, WFP Saves Lives Through Information Technology

Reliable internet for communications is a necessity for health workers and humanitarian actors fighting Ebola in West Africa. In order to care for infected patients and prevent the disease from spreading, aid workers need to be able to coordinate from the frontlines, ensuring they have the right supplies, staff and information. The WFP-led Emergency Telecommunications Cluster provides communications equipment and services in remote areas so that humanitarians can fight Ebola effectively. Comprising a network of partners from humanitarian, government and private sectors, this cluster relies on dedicated individuals who are willing to face risk and adversity to support the humanitarian cause.

19 December 2014

WFP Logistics - Immediate Response To Tsunami In Sri Lanka

On 26 December, 2004 Mohamed Haffee, the Logistics Assistant of WFP did not go to the beach as his 2-year-old son was sleeping. This remains a miracle in his life as the same day the tsunami struck Sri Lanka. Through WFP’s Indian Ocean Tsunami Emergency Operation and the hard work of the Logistics team led by Hafee, WFP Sri Lanka provided immediate relief to 910,000 people. 

19 December 2014

A Mother Is Sowing Seeds Of Change In Kenya

As the mother of six boys, a farmer and the leader of her farming group, Judith is the perfect example of a local saying - Empower a woman, and you empower an entire community.

Cash and Vouchers
18 December 2014

Pakistan: A Miracle Path To A Brighter Future For Zubeda

Cash-for-training programmes in rural Pakistan aim to help participants learn useful skills that will help them make a living and improve general food security and disaster resilience.

Focus on Women
17 December 2014

Cambodia: Empower Women To Achieve Zero Hunger

Do you know that women are the backbone of Cambodia's agriculture? They are responsible for taking care of their families, particularly in selecting and preparing food for their families. Yet they earn 20 percent less than men and have less access to education, health care and employment. In this two-minute video, you will see the solutions implemented by the World Food Programme (WFP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to address this issue.


Fighting Hunger Worldwide