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Aid professionals
14 April 2010

Burundi: Wireless System Keeps Tabs On Hunger

WFP is taking advantage of Burundi's new wireless network to ensure it always knows how people are eating, how much they pay for food and where potential pockets of hunger are developing. Staff on fact-finding missions update the central database with palm computers.

Climate Change
13 April 2010

WFP Launches Carbon Footprint Calculator

WFP has begun calculating the carbon emissions produced globally by its staff’s air travel, a practice which puts it at the forefront of a bid by UN agencies to reduce their impact on the environment. 

Responding to Emergencies
13 April 2010

Haiti: Bracing For The Hurricane Season

Haiti's epic earthquake struck exactly three months ago. While the country recovers, the annual hurricane season looms -- just seven weeks away.   In 2008, three hurricanes  and one tropical storm lashed Haiti, killing 800 people, destroying 27,000 homes and triggering a severe hunger crisis.

12 April 2010

Hend Sabry Says Filling A Child's Cup Can Change Lives

One of the biggest  names in Middle Eastern cinema today, Hend Sabry is touring the region this year to tell her fans about the long-term dangers of malnutrition. On her first outing as a WFP Ambassador against hunger, the Tunisian film star stressed the power of school meals to change lives and build futures.

Purchase for Progress
9 April 2010

WFP Buys Rice From Ghanaian Farmers For School Meals

WFP has bought US $780,000 of Ghanaian rice for school meals in some of the country’s poorest regions. The programme benefits thousands of school children and local farmers, many of them women, who received a fair price for their crops.

8 April 2010

Congo: Jobless Miners Dig Route Out Of Malnutrition

In Katanga, a mining province in southeastern Congo, the global financial crisis left a deep swathe of unemployment, bringing more hunger and malnutrition. Now, families of jobless miners are re-learning forgotten farming skills and at the same time gaining insights into healthy eating.

8 April 2010

Guatemala Pushed To Hunger Tipping Point

Sustained drought, high food prices and a sharp drop in money from relatives working abroad have left many thousands of Guatemalan families struggling to feed themselves. The Ramos family are among those hit. Their baby girl is starting to show the effects of malnutrition.

Climate Change
7 April 2010

Tajikistan: Tree Project To Bear Fruit For Poor And Environment

In a unique climate-change project, WFP has launched Tajikistan’s largest tree-planting initiative by an international agency. As well as providing a future source of food for the hungry poor, the project allows WFP to offset some of its carbon footprint. “When the apricots and mulberries start to grow, I will make preserves from them and store them in this same container,” says one beneficiary. “We will have fruit all winter long."  Photo gallery

Food For Assets
6 April 2010

Kenya Begins Slow Recovery From Drought

The end of a long dry spell has brought hope to Kenyan farmers. But with food prices high and food production still patchy, many people still depend on food aid. WFP will continue supporting the most vulnerable while helping farmers boost production and cope with climate change.

Focus on Women
2 April 2010

Yemen: Displaced Women Fearful Of Return Home

At least 250,000 people fled their homes during the recent conflict in northern Yemen. Many are now in WFP-supported camps such as Al Mazraq, where despite the ceasefire they are too scared to return home. Two women in the camp told WFP’s Abeer Etefa their stories. Video


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