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8 May 2012

Blog From Niger: Inroads Against Hunger And Drought

On the second day of her visit to the drought-hit country of Niger, WFP Executive Director Ertharin Cousin met families who are providing for themselves by working on projects that will protect them from hunger down the line. Travelling alongside UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres, the WFP chief sent back this blog post to tell us about her trip.

6 May 2012

Blog From Niger: Resilient Women In The Face Of Hunger

One month after arriving at WFP, Executive Director Ertharin Cousin was out in the field in the west African nation of Niger, one of the countries most affected by the drought in the Sahel region. After the first day of her field trip, in which she traveled with UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres, the WFP chief sent back this account of her experiences.

2 May 2012

Spring Awakening For WFP Afghanistan Fleet

A convoy of WFP trucks braved mountain passes and precarious road conditions to deliver food to schools in remote villages in central Afghanistan that had been cut off during the harsh winter.

Aid professionals
24 April 2012

Preparing An IT Force For Emergency Response

Emergency IT personnel are often among the first aid workers to respond in an emergency. It takes a unique set of skills to operate in such a fast-moving, high-pressure work environment. An upcoming disaster simulation organised by WFP will help emergency telecomms specialists prepare for the challenges and rigors that await them in the field.

Responding to Emergencies
19 April 2012

WFP helps families cope with the arrival of displaced people in South Kivu

A mother of nine, Josiane Matchirucha has not been displaced but, still, she is among the most affected by population displacement. Five families have sought shelter in her home. Now, forty people live under her roof, eat at her table and share her toilet.

ED - E.Cousin
12 April 2012

7 Questions For WFP's New Executive Director Ertharin Cousin

In her first week at the helm of the world's largest humanitarian aid agency, WFP Executive Director Ertharin Cousin fielded questions from staff about herself and her plans for the fight against hunger. Here are some of her answers.

WFP Ambassadors
10 April 2012

Celebrity Partner Sami Yusuf Tells Young People To Do Their Part

At this year’s DIHAD conference on humanitarian aid, WFP Celebrity Partner Sami Yusuf called on the world’s youth to take the fight against hunger into their hands. The renowned singer-songwriter has been raising funds and awareness for hungry children in the Horn of Africa with his new single “Forgotten Promises”.

Food For Assets
10 April 2012

WFP provides internally-displaced people and widows with job opportunities

A food-for-assets project in Eastern Afghanistan provides displaced people and widows the chance to earn a living - while helping to make the country green.

5 April 2012

Courageous Sub-Office Team Evacuates Others, Then Returns To Battle Zone

"The longest 90 minutes of our lives,” was how one WFP staffer described the experience of driving his children and colleagues to safety through the Sudanese town of Kadugli, as gun battles raged on a summer day last year. The same staffer returned just hours later to help distribute food to frightened inhabitants

5 April 2012

Celebrating 20 Years of Saving Lives With ECHO

This year, the European Commission's Directorate- General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) marks its 20th anniversary. WFP joins in celebrating two decades of ECHO’s commitment to saving and protecting the lives of millions of people around the world.


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