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Cash and Vouchers
27 July 2012

WFP And Partners Prepare For Food Shortages As Poor Harvest Hits Zimbabwe

Food shortages are on the way for the rural poor of Zimbabwe, according to a new report estimating that poor harvests could leave 1.6 million people in need of food assistance. With food needs on the rise, WFP and its partners are gearing up to respond with a combination food distributions and cash voucher programmes

26 July 2012

4 Olympic Athletes Who Stepped Up For Child Nutrition

Few people grasp the importance of good nutrition as well as Olympic Athletes. No matter how talented, they can’t give their best without it. Here are four renowned Olympic athletes who say nutrition is just as important to children, especially those who risk not getting enough.

25 July 2012

WFP London Marks 50th Anniversary And Olympics

To celebrate the 2012 Olympics and mark its 50th anniversary, WFP’s London office has launched – together with Crossrail* - an inspirational exhibition of photos in the capital, showing children from the developing world playing games. 

Fight Against HIV/AIDS
24 July 2012

Breaking The Cycle Of HIV, Hunger and Poverty

Hunger and malnutrition are significant obstacles to the global fight against the HIV virus. A growing consensus of experts at the International AIDS Conference in Washington DC (AIDS 2012) agreed that helping patients with HIV meet their nutritional needs can make the difference between life and death.

24 July 2012

Facebook Cheers For A Daring Trucker In Afghanistan

A photo of a daring manoeuvre by a truck driver in Afghanistan recently became the most popular item ever posted by WFP on Facebook. Spokesperson Silke Buhr spoke to the man behind the camera and the man behind the wheel. See the post

17 July 2012

Somalia After The Famine: 10 Simple Questions

Twelve months after the declaration of famine in Somalia, WFP provides ten simple questions with relative answers in order to better explain what the situation is now like.

Responding to Emergencies
12 July 2012

Sahel Campaign Blows Past Fundraising Goal

WFP supporters beat the expectations of a recent fundraising campaign by raising enough money to feed some 15,000 mothers and children in the drought-stricken Sahel for more than three months. Fundraisers said that was well above their goal and thanked the Dutch National Postcode Lottery for matching all of the donations during the campaign.

Responding to Emergencies
10 July 2012

Sahel Crisis: Where Are We Now? (Interview)

The Sahel region of West Africa has been struggling with a severe food crisis for several months now and, with its partners, WFP has rolled out emergency assistance projects in eight different countries. At present we are working to assist some 10 million people affected by drought and conflict. 

First time here
6 July 2012

How Solving Hunger Builds A More Secure World

In the first part of our series on Hunger, we argued that this issue is the World’s Greatest Solvable Problem. In part two, we explained why solving hunger is critical for the next generation. In this third part, we look at how solving hunger would also have a positive impact on peace and security in the world.

Aid professionals
6 July 2012

Interactive Maps Make Logistics Planning Easier

Getting food assistance to hungry people in Chad and other remote areas of Africa's Sahel region is hard at the best of times. And with the region now hit by a major hunger crisis, the pressure on WFP's logistics team is higher than ever. Some new mapping technology is providing welcome support.


Fighting Hunger Worldwide