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19 December 2011

Snapshots From 2011

From conflict in Libya to the drought in the Horn of Africa, 2011 presented a challenging sequence of emergencies to WFP and other aid agencies. Here are 12 photos that look back on a year in WFP's fight against hunger.

Focus on Women
18 December 2011

'Planting Trees Changed My Life,' Says Ethiopia Mother

Sindayo Tsegay sees herself first and foremost as a mother, a role which brings daily challenges. For Sindayo, who lives in northern Ethiopia, those challenges used to seem insurmountable before a tree-planting project changed her life as well as the lives of neighboring families.

16 December 2011

India: Students Get Creative With Hunger And Poverty Slogans

A slogan-writing competition held between schools in Delhi and in the National Capital Region gave students a platform to express their hopes and fears about poverty and hunger in India and the rest of the world.

Purchase for Progress
15 December 2011

'Farming Is Serious Business' – Small Scale Farmer Encourages Others To Reap Benefits Of What They Sow

Golden Lwiindi, 40, is a smallholder farmer in Zambia’s Southern Province. In the past five years, he has bred more than 50 goats, developed his farm, planted and sold a variety of crops, and bought a hammer mill. He says the secret to his success is  thinking of farming as a way to make money, not just as a traditional way of life – adopting new technologies and methods, crop diversification, record keeping and good planning also help. 

Food For Assets
15 December 2011

South Sudan, World’s Newest Country, Faces Hunger Crisis

South Sudan is facing a severe hunger crisis, and WFP is scaling up operations to provide food to more than 2.5 million people in 2012. Due to poor infrastructure, more than half of the country is cut-off during the rainy season, so WFP needs to position food stocks in many areas by March.

14 December 2011

India: Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Visit Madhya Pradesh To Learn From UN Projects

This is the first of its kind -- "knowledge partnership" between elected representatives of two states.

13 December 2011

Hunger Looms In Niger As Food Prices Spike

A poor harvest in the West African country of Niger has caused food prices to shoot up at a time of year they would normally be at their lowest. Concerned that the bad harvest could lead to a full-blown hunger crisis, WFP is planning an urgent scale-up of operations to reach as many as 3 million people with food aid.

Responding to Emergencies
13 December 2011

New 'Pick and Mix' Early Warnings Service Launched

Get exactly what you want – and none of what you don’t. That’s what WFP’s Early Warning, Analysis and Support team is offering with a new service which allows WFP's partners in other agencies to personalize and customize exactly what information they receive. The service incorporates the team's expanding monitoring and analysis work and is based on feedback received from staff and partners.

Fight Against HIV/AIDS
9 December 2011

HIV project in Lao PDR wins award for South-South Cooperation

 A WFP-supported project to provide better HIV treatment and care in Lao PDR has received an award in recognition of excellent South-South Cooperation.

Food For Assets
9 December 2011

A Road To Market Opens Up For Farmer In Rural Nepal

Raj Bahadur Malla, a farmer in western Nepal, has often seen his surplus rice and vegetables go to waste when he could have sold them at market if only there were a road to get them there. Soon there will be, thanks to an EU-supported project providing him and his neighbors with food while they clear a road to a nearby town.


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