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School Meals
29 June 2012

Cambodia: For The Smile Of A Child

Life was bleak for Srin Yor. She had no food, no education and no future. Only one thing kept her going: the garbage dump. But as life would have it, things changed and Yor’s life is now shining at “Pour un Sourire d'Enfant” (PSE), a school supported by the World Food Programme (WFP). 

28 June 2012

WFP Launches Emergency Operation To Reach Syrian Refugees

Thousands of Syrian refugees will receive food assistance as part of an emergency operation launched by WFP in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq. For many, it will come in the form of food vouchers which families can use to buy food on local markets. WFP plans on reaching over 120,000 refugees with assistance by the end of the year.

ED - E.Cousin
23 June 2012

Results From Rio +20

True partnerships begin at home, and preparations for Rio+20 involved the work of multiple WFP divisions and offices from Policy Office of Climate Change, Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction and the Brazil Centre of Excellence to External Relations and the New York Liaison Office to Communications and Private Sector Partnerships. What was achieved? As the UN Sustainable Development Conference comes to a close and the ED departs Rio de Janeiro, the following is an overview of what the WFP delegation did and accomplished.

Preventing Hunger
21 June 2012

Ethiopian Village Recognized At Rio+20 For Innovative Hunger Solution

After years of hardship, a community in northern Ethiopia has found the route to a sustainable future through an innovative project which has helped to transform degraded hillsides into productive farmland. For its role in the project, the village of Abraha Atsbeha received official recognition at Rio+20 during an awards ceremony hosted by the UN Development Programme.

Food For Assets
21 June 2012

Afghanistan: Helping Taza Qurghan Community Build Back Better

An 84-year-old Afghan man reflects on hand-to-mouth existence and on the importance of being food secure.
21 June 2012

Afghanistan: WFP Recovery And Emergency Interventions Support Flood-Affected Communities

Facing a double whammy of natural disasters -- drought in 2011 and floods in 2012 -- in the northern region, Public Information Officer Assadullah Azhari explains what WFP is doing to help thousands of flood-affected communities in the country.

18 June 2012

World Refugee Day: Helping The ‘One In Five’

They fled across the borders of Libya as the country slid into civil war. They ran for their lives through the dense bush in western Cote d’Ivoire, to reach shelter in Liberia. And, as famine loomed in Somalia, they poured into the camps of Dadaab in Kenya and Dolo Ado in Ethiopia desperate for food, water and medical attention. 

18 June 2012

In Niger, Using Mobile Money to Buy Food on Local Markets

For the first time in Niger, WFP is using mobile money to help the poorest purchase food at local markets.

Preventing Hunger
17 June 2012

WFP's 4 Messages For Rio+20

This week, world leaders meet with representatives of the private sector, NGOS and other groups in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to map out ways to make the world safer, fairer, greener and more prosperous. One of the challenges is how to feed a world population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, and in fact ‘Food’ is one of the seven key priorities that the Rio+20 summit will be focusing on, as it defines ‘the future we want’.

15 June 2012

Blog From Haiti: Supporting Dairy Farmers, Feeding School Children

On her way to the Rio+20 summit in Brazil, WFP Executive Director Ertharin Cousin stopped off in Haiti to see some of WFP’s projects there. She sent back this blog after seeing how children in several schools are now receiving local milk as part of a truly sustainable project that supports local farmers while ensuring children get the nutrition they need.


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