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Fight Against HIV/AIDS
9 December 2011

HIV project in Lao PDR wins award for South-South Cooperation

 A WFP-supported project to provide better HIV treatment and care in Lao PDR has received an award in recognition of excellent South-South Cooperation.

Food For Assets
9 December 2011

A Road To Market Opens Up For Farmer In Rural Nepal

Raj Bahadur Malla, a farmer in western Nepal, has often seen his surplus rice and vegetables go to waste when he could have sold them at market if only there were a road to get them there. Soon there will be, thanks to an EU-supported project providing him and his neighbors with food while they clear a road to a nearby town.

Responding to Emergencies
8 December 2011

"What I Found In The Niger Desert"

Thanksgiving is my favourite focuses on food  and family… and it’s over fast. But this year, instead of waking up early to put a turkey in the oven , I found myself in Niger where, one might think, these days there is less to be thankful for than ever.

Climate Change
8 December 2011

Climate Smart Agriculture Highlighted At COP17 Talks

One in seven of the world’s people does not have enough to eat and climate change will only worsen the situation, warned Kofi Annan at the COP17 climate talks in  Durban on Wednesday.  The former UN Secretary General pointed to ‘Climate Smart Agriculture' as a way for Africa to contribute to climate change mitigation efforts and boost food security.

7 December 2011

Bangladesh: Woman's Life Changed By A Simple Embankment

Fresh water used to be a rare find in the coastal Khulna region of Bangladesh where floods frequently brought salt water inland, killing crops and contaminating wells. Women like Kirtonia had to walk for hours in search of clean drinking water. But thanks to a new embankment, Kirtonia's life has changed.

Climate Change
7 December 2011

Italian Energy Company ENEL And WFP Working Together

WFP and Italian energy company Enel and WFP have unveiled a plan to combine forces in the fight against hunger and climate change. Announced at the UN Climate Change Conference in South Africa, the plan involves a €8 million agreement to install “green” stoves and solar panels and provide support for humanitarian efforts.

Responding to Emergencies
5 December 2011

New Helicopter Service Guarantees Food Relief to Somali Refugees

WFP has launched a helicopter air service to deliver urgently needed food assistance to camps in Ethiopia hosting Somali refugees. Made possible by support from the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO), the helicopter will allow regular access to camps in Dolo Ado where fixed-wing aircraft have been unable to land since heavy rains flooded the airstrip.

Climate Change
4 December 2011

7 Facts About Climate Change And Hunger

Representatives from nearly 200 countries are currently gathered in Durban, South Africa, for high-level talks on climate change. When it comes to protecting the world’s poorest inhabitants from the erratic weather and natural disasters that many scientists expect in coming years, hunger is a key part of the discussion. Here are seven facts that explain why.

Focus on Women
3 December 2011

Investing In Bulls, Woman Begins To Escape From Poverty

In Shahinoor’s household there were days when she struggled to put even one meal on the family table. She and her husband are among Bangladesh’s ultra-poor; those with no land, no assets and little hope of breaking out of hunger and poverty. But a new programme to unlock the entrepreneurial spirit of Bangladeshi women has transformed her life.

2 December 2011

Indonesia: Fortified Biscuits Help Increase Attendance At Community Health Centres In NTT

As part of government efforts to address nutrition issues in Indonesia, WFP’s provision of fortified biscuits has helped double attendance rates at health centres in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) province


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