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School Meals
26 January 2010

Cambodia: Take-Home Rations Help Hungry-To-Learn Girl

In rural Cambodia, youngsters from poor families are often pulled out of school to work in the fields, as their parents struggle to make ends meet. But a programme of school meals and take-home rations is keeping children – especially girls like Ry Srei Net – in school.

Responding to Emergencies
25 January 2010

Haiti: Hot Meals Ease Suffering At Children's Home

WFP has prioritised orphanages and hospitals in recent days in order to ensure food is reaching the most vulnerable. At one children’s home in Port au Prince, the quake killed 56 of the 134 children. WFP is ensuring that those who survived are being fed.
Responding to Emergencies
22 January 2010

Haiti: How WFP Staffer Dug His Kids Out Of Rubble

When the earthquake hit Haiti at 16:53 on 12 January, WFP Programme Officer Gumel Henry was at the office. The first thing he did was run home. School had finished and he knew his children would be there. As he ran, he passed one collapsed building after another...
Responding to Emergencies
21 January 2010

Haiti: Eyes In The Sky Guide Relief Work

When a disaster strikes, humanitarian agencies like WFP need information more than anything else. They need a clear picture of the damage to roads and bridges, for example, to be able to respond fast. A new set of satellite maps produced by WFP helps provide this information.

19 January 2010

Emergency Telecoms Team Reconnects Haiti Op

When disaster strikes, among the first people in WFP to move are the telecommunications staff. In Haiti, they found landlines, cellphones and satellite communications all down. Yet within days they had connected humanitarian workers to each other and the world.
Responding to Emergencies
12 January 2010

Yemen: Flour Ration Allows Displaced Families To Make Bread

Fatima and her family are among the tide of people displaced by the fighting which broke out in northern Yemen last year. Although she’s in a barren camp for displaced people, Fatima counts herself lucky as she can at least bake bread for her family.

Responding to Emergencies
11 January 2010

Food Aid Key In 2010 As Sudan Faces Crossroads

Southern Sudan faces a tough year in 2010 with drought and widespread insecurity pushing up levels of hunger at the same time as the region grapples with political developments that will decide its future.
8 January 2010

Princess Haya Joins WFP Fighting Hunger In Nairobi Slums

HRH Princess Haya Al Hussein, a UN Messenger of Peace, took a turn serving bowls of maize and beans to school children in a Nairobi slum on Friday. For many of the kids, this meal was the only food they would receive throughout the day.
5 January 2010

WFP Facing Growing Humanitarian Challenge In Somalia

Rising threats and attacks on humanitarian operations, as well as the imposition of a string of unacceptable demands from armed groups, have made it virtually impossible for WFP to continue reaching up to one million people in need in southern Somalia.
Focus on Women
28 December 2009

Food Rations Bring New Year Cheer To Tajik Widow

On a cold winter day in the mountains on the western edge of Tajikistan, Rajabgul Rasulova has just had a rare taste of happiness in her life of hardscrabble survival. Thanks to a WFP food distribution, she now has something to put on the table for the family New Year celebration.


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