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Focus on Women
20 March 2012

Djibouti: For Displaced Women, Food Assistance Shows They're “Not Forgotten”

During times of drought and civil conflict, women are usually on the frontlines, fighting to keep their families afloat. Helaffi and Bidari, two women now in a nomadic encampment in northern Djibouti, are typical. Thanks to support from WFP and the EU, they're managing - and the food is keeping their spirits up.

20 March 2012

French Language Celebrated On FreeRice

Parlez-vous français? Are you one of the 116 million people currently studying French? Looking to brush up on your French geography? If so, then listen up!

Focus on Women
19 March 2012

From Niger to Washington: An International Women's Day Conversation Between Moms

What would happen if moms across the globe sat down to discuss how together we can empower women to have healthier lives? This International Women's Day, we worked with the One Campaign to connect moms doing extraordinary things and make this conversation a reality.

18 March 2012

Meet Molly! Her Future Starts Today

Meet Molly! She’s 13 and she lives in a slum in Nairobi, Kenya. She’s one of the 20 million children around the world who get a nourishing meal at school thanks to WFP. School meals are helping millions of adolescent girls like Molly develop the physical and mental strength they need to pull themselves out of hunger and poverty.

17 March 2012

WFP Committed To Ensuring Food Assistance Reaches Hungry In Somalia

The World Food Programme is committed to ensuring that vital food assistance reaches the hungry in Somalia.  We know that the vast majority of our food assistance reaches the hundreds of thousands  of hungry people who depend on it every day in Mogadishu.  Across Somalia, more than one million people rely on WFP food assistance each month.

Corporate Publication
16 March 2012

Navruz: Through the eyes of a child

For a sister and brother in eastern Tajikistan, the Central Asian New Year celebration brings art to their WFP school feeding programme and their father home from Russia.



16 March 2012

Feeding The Future Nutrition Education Spreads Best Practice Throughout Laos

Laos has some of the worst child malnutrition rates in the world – every second child under the age of five in rural areas is chronically malnourished, impacting their physical and mental development for a lifetime. Nutrition knowledge is central to tackle this problem, and WFP's innovative nutrition education programme - Feeding the Future - empowers communities throughout the country to improve their diets and ensure children grow up strong and healthy.

15 March 2012

Yemen: Poorest Households Receive Cash To Help With Food Costs

In late 2011, WFP in Yemen began giving cash to the poorest families in the Hajjah and Ibb governorates so that they could afford to buy food. The programme benefits 10,000 vulnerable households, comprising around 70,000 people in total. WFP food monitor Ali Al-Homeidy visited the governorate of Hajjah where he met with family heads collecting their vouchers from their local post office.

14 March 2012

Hunger: The World’s Greatest Solvable Problem

Nearly a billion people go to bed hungry every night. But what would it take to put a stop to this? At WFP, we believe hunger is the world’s greatest solvable problem. 

Purchase for Progress
14 March 2012

High Energy Biscuits Baked in Kabul

A factory in Kabul has begun producing fortified cookies for WFP school meal programmes in Afghanistan.


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