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Responding to Emergencies
27 October 2011

Somalia: A Drought Victim's Story

Nadifa and her family were nomads. Their thriving business, selling milk and meat from the herds of goats, was decimated by the drought in Somalia. They have sought refuge in the village of Docol in central Somalia, where they are now receiving WFP food assistance.

School Meals
27 October 2011

Kenya: Former Aid Recipient Sees The Difference An Education Makes

Thirty years ago, local customs meant Fatuma's mother was under pressure to pull her out of school. Without the food offered at school, it's likely she would have dropped out. But she didn't. She got an education and then decided to devote her life to helping other kids do the same.Today Fatuma is a key figure in WFP's operations to support refugees in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.

For Individuals
26 October 2011

Freerice Comes To China

The viral quiz game that provides grains of rice to hungry children with every right answer is now available in Chinese. Developed by Chinese software company Shanda, the latest edition of Freerice China opens the game to millions of new players who can now test their wits while raising rice for the hungry.

26 October 2011

Aging gracefully: WFP Afghanistan's historic truck fleet

When Kiyoyuki Kobayashi joined WFP in 1990, little could he have imagined that his career with the organization would be inextricably tied up with the destiny of a group of Hino trucks. And yet, across two continents and more than two decades, he has been the godfather of the trucks that still today make up the backbone of WFP’s fleet in Afghanistan.

Responding to Emergencies
26 October 2011

Diary from Dadaab: WFP's Dorte Jessen

Dorte Jessen, a Danish national, worked as WFP's emergency coordinator in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya for  two months recently. Since June, the camp has absorbed tens of thousands of new arrivals from famine-stricken Somalia. Dorte's diary gives a taste of what her days were made up of: not just food rations and aid shipments, but also royal visits and a race for flip-flops.

Purchase for Progress
25 October 2011

Buffett, Gates Honoured For Supporting Small Farmers

Public and private sector leaders from the field of food security gathered at the U.S. Department of State on Monday to recognize this year’s WFPUSA George McGovern Leadership Award recipients, Bill Gates and Howard G. Buffett for their innovative vision and personal commitment to developing new solutions in the fight against hunger, particularly their work on WFP’s Purchase for Progress (P4P).

Preventing Hunger
21 October 2011

11 Myths About Global Hunger

There isn’t enough food to feed the world, most of the world's hungry live in Africa, and it's mostly a question of droughts and other natural disasters. All of these statements are wrong. But they reflect a common set of misconceptions on hunger. Here are 11 of the most common myths - with the reality they mask.

20 October 2011

Changing Guards In Somalia

Like so much of Somalia, the city of Galkayo is divided between competing factions that each controls part of the city. WFP telecoms experts Ryan Twittey and Aleksandar Dulovic, who were recently there on assignment, describe the tense border crossing necessary to get from one part of the city to the other.

ED - J.Sheeran
18 October 2011

Need For Deep Collaboration Highlighted As UN Marks World Food Day

Leaders from governments, international organizations, civil society and the private sector gathered in Rome on Monday to mark the 31st annual World Food Day at the headquarters of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). 

Aid professionals
17 October 2011

What Do ICT Technicians And Usain Bolt Have In Common?

Somalia is one of the toughest places to work for a humanitarian worker. Security considerations affect everything – even getting an email system set up. Amos Mwea describes the challenges he faces installing a satellite dish at Mogadishu’s seaport.


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