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School Meals
31 July 2014

Young Honduran Artists Assume the Zero Hunger Challenge

In order to raise awareness in local public schools about the Zero Hunger Challenge, a campaign launched by the United Nation’s Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, WFP with the support of the Honduran Government held a national drawing contest throughout participating public schools that are beneficiaries of the National School Feeding Programme.

Cash and Vouchers
31 July 2014

Cash Transfer Scheme Boosts Zimbabwe’s Rural Economy

Lower Gweru -  WFP is using cash and vouchers in Zimbabwe to tackle hunger where food is available in the market place but where most people cannot afford to buy. In the past, WFP handed out cash to beneficiaries waiting patiently in line. Nowadays, the organization transfers cash and food vouchers via mobile phone. This method is more convenient for the recipient and cheaper for WFP. It’s also a good way of injecting money into cash-poor areas.

School Meals
30 July 2014

WFP Supports National School Feeding Programme In Madagascar

Antananarivo – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) supports the development of a national School Feeding programme in Madagascar which will hopefully help improve the education sector as a whole.   

Responding to Emergencies
30 July 2014

Helping to settle a Syrian family in Armenia

It is seven months since I first met Maral Gahvesjian, waiting patiently in a long queue of Syrians of Armenian descent, for their WFP food rations at Charents 20, a residential area of the capital, Yerevan. Maral, her husband and their three sons, fled their home in Aleppo, Syria nearly two years ago – as she put it, “leaving the dark days behind."

Hunger TV
30 July 2014

Forests Asia 2014 Interview With WFP Indonesia Country Director

Head scientist for Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Terry Sunderland, sits down with WFP Indonesia Country Director, Myrta Kaulard, to discuss food production systems and the challenges brought by food insecurity and deforestation to Indonesia's development. This interview is part of the Forests Asia 2014 Summit activities where ministers from across Southeast Asia join CEOs, civil society leaders, development experts and the world’s top scientists, to share knowledge on how Asia can accelerate its shift toward green economies through better management of forests and landscapes in the region.

29 July 2014

Colombia: WFP and Government of Bolivar Launch Sprinkles for Life Project

CARTAGENA -On July 14th, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and the Government of Bolivar launched the Sprinkles for Life project, which consists of implementing a home fortification strategy which uses micronutrients powders to serve 71,000 children from the ages of 2 to 5 in 45 different municipalities in the Department of Bolivar, over 11 months.

Cash and Vouchers
27 July 2014

WFP’s Cash-For-Training Project In Jordan Boosts Opportunities for Women

In many parts of the world, women lack access to financial capital and opportunities to gain skills that can help boost their qualifications for the job market. Vocational training, which involves development of technical capacity and entrepreneurship skills, can play a key role in helping girls and women secure employment. WFP, in collaboration with Jordanian NGO NAJMA as well as vocational training centres in different areas of northern Jordan (Ramtha, Mafraq and Irbid cities) supported a vocational training program that boosted the technical skills of hundreds of participants, many of whom were women. 

Responding to Emergencies
27 July 2014

Fatmeh And Her Family Spend Their Fourth Eid Al-Fitr Away From Home

In the northern towns of Lebanon, at the Syrian-Lebanese borders, reside Syrian refugee families who fled to Lebanon when the crisis erupted in their home country years ago.  Down the hill in Wadi Khaled in Akkar, in an unfinished building, lives Fatmeh Dikweid with her husband Ahmad, her four children and her siblings. Fatmeh and her family are spending their fourth Eid al-Fitr away from home. The occasion of Eid al-Fitr marks the feast of breaking the fast following the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Preventing Hunger
24 July 2014

Beating the Lean Season in Mali

Below-average rainfall in 2013 brought meager harvests and food stocks have run out early this year. Malian farmers who planted in May must now wait until October for the next harvest, and vulnerable communities are feeling the pressure. 

23 July 2014

Dispatches from C.A.R. Episode 2: "The day we didn't go to Bossangoa"

July 2014, Central African Republic - While violence and displacement of people remain the daily routine, our colleague in Bangui, Donaig Le Du, shares her impressions from the field. Read her diaries and try to get a sense of what it's like to live and work in C.A.R. during these dramatic days. Here's the second episode of a series describing her adventurous journey to the city of  Bossangoa.


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