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29 October 2009

Boxer's Daughter Joins Fight Against Hunger

Khaliah Ali is not just in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to celebrate her famous father’s ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ in Kinshasa against George Foreman 35 years ago – she has also taken the time to make a detour to Katanga province, where she visited projects run by the UN World Food Programme and UNICEF.
Preventing Hunger
28 October 2009

Mobile Phones Deliver Food to Iraqi Refugees

A pilot project in Damascus has begun distributing WFP food vouchers in the form of mobile phone text messages to Iraqi refugees. It’s believed to be the first such scheme in the world.
Responding to Emergencies
27 October 2009

Rains Arrive in Kenya But Food in Short Supply

Seasonal rain has brought some relief to drought-stricken areas but it will be months before the harvest comes. Almost four million people are depending on WFP help to stave off hunger.
Responding to Emergencies
21 October 2009

World Steps Up To Help Hungry In Philippines

WFP and the world's generosity is ensuring that the flood-hit Philippines is not alone as it works to help more than 7 million people get back on their feet after the devastation caused by recent storms.
20 October 2009

Flood Stricken Philippines Braces For New Typhoon

As WFP and the government push ahead with relief operations to help flood-hit communities, the northern island of Luzon is waiting to see whether a new typhoon - dubbed Lupit - will hit later this week, disrupting operations and possibly increasing the need for emergency food assistance.
WFP Ambassadors
16 October 2009

Howard Buffett Publishes Portraits Of Human Fragility

"These portraits are the reason why we must not rest in the comfort of our freedom," said Bono after reading the poignant portraits in ‘Fragile: the Human Condition’, the new book by WFP’s Ambassador Against Hunger, Howard G Buffett.
Preventing Hunger
14 October 2009

Anti-Hunger Campaigners Pedal 1,000 km Through Asia

Undeterred by flooded roads, flat tyres and toothache, two 40-year-old WFP supporters from Switzerland recently completed a gruelling 1,056-km bicycle ride across Cambodia and Thailand to raise funds for WFP as part of YUM Brands’ World Hunger Relief campaign.
WFP Ambassadors
14 October 2009

Legendary Gymnast Is WFP's First Chinese Ambassador

WFP has celebrated 30 years of cooperation with China by appointing the legendary Olympic gymnast, Li Ning, its first ever Chinese Ambassador Against Hunger.
9 October 2009

WFP Takes The Stage

Leading minds in nutrition and school feeding took center stage at WFP’s spotlight session to ask, "How do we ensure children's access to quality foods?" Social safety net programs are part of the answer.
Responding to Emergencies
8 October 2009

WFP High Nutrient Food Reaches Earthquake Survivors in Sumatra

Despite huge logistics challenges, WFP has started distributing food to people affected by the powerful earthquake that hit Sumatra last week.


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