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25 September 2009

Multinationals Join Forces To Fight Hunger

WFP has launched a groundbreaking programme which harnesses the power of leading multinational companies and focuses it on the job of ending hunger and malnutrition among children in the developing world.
School Meals
24 September 2009

Bob Dylan Partners With WFP To Feed Hungry School Kids

Royalties from Bob Dylan’s forthcoming album 'Christmas in the Heart' will be donated to WFP. The gift, which comes as a growing hunger crisis threatens millions of people worldwide, will provide half a million school meals to hungry kids in developing countries.
Preventing Hunger
23 September 2009

Christina Aguilera Sees Hunger First Hand In Guatemala

Wanting to see the impact of hunger with her own eyes, the Grammy award-winning artist recently traveled to Guatemala and met some of the beneficiaries of WFP's nutrition programmes there. For Aguilera, it was an unforgettable experience.
Focus on Women
21 September 2009

Bangladesh's Hungry Feel Heat Of Climate Change

For Samya Begum, hunger is never far away. She lives in a part of Bangladesh that is prone to flooding and a heavy monsoon can be the difference between having food and not having it. She is an example of why climate is a hunger issue and why climate change will produce more hunger.
Preventing Hunger
16 September 2009

Kenya: Farmers Rely On WFP To Get Through Drought

Mary Muthohi is among the 3.8 million Kenyans who are facing the bruising effects of drought. Yesterday she had to borrow food from her neighbour to feed her five children. The whole family had not eaten at all the day before. Watch video
Responding to Emergencies
15 September 2009

Bangladesh Food Lifeline In Jeopardy

Fancy Rajshahi, a 40-year-old Bangladeshi woman who lives in grinding poverty, was thrilled earlier this year when she started to receive bags of fortified wheat flour from WFP to help nourish her three boys. Now it seems her good luck could be about to vanish.
15 September 2009

Portraits Of Hunger: Shahida (Bangladesh)

In Bangladesh WFP is reaching barely 1 million people out of a target 5 million who cannot afford to buy the food they need for their families.
15 September 2009

Portraits Of Hunger: Francisca Casiano (Guatemala)

In Guatemala, WFP’s vital programme providing nutritious food supplements to 100,000 children and 50,000 pregnant and lactating women, is hanging by a thread.

Responding to Emergencies
15 September 2009

Portraits Of Hunger: Jennifer Kasani (Kenya)

In Kenya, where drought and high food prices have pushed almost 4 million into the hunger trap, WFP is preparing to reduce rations in October.
15 September 2009

Guatemala: Food Shortages Compound Malnutrition Problems

Guatemala has been hit by severe food shortages recently, worsening what were already dangerous levels of malnutrition. Fresh from a visit to the worst affected areas in the east of the country, WFP field monitor Lida Escobar describes what she saw.


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