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9 October 2014

The Logistics of Responding to the Ebola Outbreak

The Ebola response is requiring the support of the entire humanitarian community. WFP is assisting UN agencies, NGOs and Governments with critical logistics support.

7 October 2014

WFP Facebook Page Reaches 500,000 Likes

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. The old African proverb captures what it means for the World Food Programme, as the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide, to reach this important milestone at a time when it’s facing five highest-level emergencies worldwide.

Purchase for Progress
3 October 2014

Linking Farmers To Refugee Families In Malawi

WFP purchases maize from Malawian farmers to provide assistance to the growing refugee population in Malawi. In boosting local market activity and meeting the food needs of the refugees, everyone benefits.

Aid professionals
1 October 2014

WFP Reports on its Assessment of Peru’s Emergency Telecoms Infrastructure

Based on its experience and leadership in emergency situations in the areas of food security, logistics and telecommunications, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) established as one of its priorities to strengthen the government’s capacities to respond to natural disasters in Peru.

Disaster Risk Reduction
1 October 2014

Peru: Authorities Launch the National Plan for Disaster Risk Management for 2014-2021

The Government of Peru, through the Ministry of Disaster Risk Management of the Council of Ministers Presidency and representatives from the National Center for Risk Prevention and Disaster Risk Reduction (CENEPRED); from the National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) and the National Center for Strategic Planning (CEPLAN), introduced on September 18th, 2014 the National Plan for Disaster Risk Management – PLANAGERD 2014-2021, which aims to reduce the vulnerability of the population and their livelihood against risk of disasters.

1 October 2014

'Syrians Who Have Already Lost Everything Will Now Go Hungry' [Video]

Starting in October, the size of the Syria food parcel will be reduced and in neighbouring countries the number of refugees receiving food or vouchers will be scaled back.

1 October 2014

Eggs For Some But Not For All In Lesotho

Improving nutrition and reducing stunting in children - low growth for age - is not easy. Part of the trick is getting parents to understand what difference a healthy diet can make for them and their youngsters. 

29 September 2014

Colombia: Food Rations Arrive in Chocó

The Government of Colombia, through the Department of Social Protection, requested WFP’s support to distribute food to some 4,300 people – mostly indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities—in the Alto Baudó Municipality in the Department of Chocó. Clashes among illegal groups in the area have forced the displacement of people and restricted their movement, affecting food security and livelihoods. WFP made a first distribution in 21 communities.

29 September 2014

Get To Know The Man Behind The Camera

WFP’s head photographer Rein Skullerud (@ReinSkullerud) has seen hunger – and hope – in nearly every corner of the globe. Join Rein as he takes a look back at some of his most memorable photos from the past 10 years and shares what makes each so unforgettable:

Preventing Hunger
26 September 2014

Food Security Improves But Gaps Remain In Zimbabwe

Buhera - The day starts early and ends late for Sekai Muzivi, a mother of four. Every morning, she walks seven kilometres from her village in Buhera to neighbouring farms to look for odd jobs. It is a daily gamble —sometimes she fails to find paid labour and even if she does, she is paid with only enough food for a few meals.


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