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Climate Change
1 September 2009

Climate Change: “We See Its Human Face Every Day”

For more than 40 years, WFP has been helping people whose lives depend on the vagaries of the weather. For these people, nature is both a friend and a foe. If it brings just enough rain, then crops will thrive and families will be fed. Too much rain - or too little - and disaster strikes.
Food For Assets
28 August 2009

WFP v Man-Eating Crocodiles 1-0

A novel food assistance program in southern Somalia has succeeded in helping a poor community on the Juba river to protect itself and its cattle from voracious crocodiles. It's also creating more land for farming.
26 August 2009

My Day In The Air Drop Zone

Denys Saltanov is part of a small WFP team stationed in an area of northeastern Congo where the only reliable way to deliver emergency food aid is through airdrops. A key part of Denys' job is to collect the food when it lands and distribute it. He describes a typical day.
Responding to Emergencies
25 August 2009

Kenyan Herders Devastated As Long Rains Fail

Kenya’s drought has forced herders to roam further and further with their animals in search of pasture. Cattle are dying, pushing pastoralist communities into hunger and swelling the numbers of Kenyans needing food assistance. Read News Release
Food For Assets
24 August 2009

Cassava Project Offers Food, Hope In Northeastern Uganda

Some 16,000 residents of the dry Karamoja region are learning to cultivate cassava, a drought-resistent crop that can help the area overcome its longstanding hunger problems. It's one of the ways WFP and its sister UN agency FAO are promoting long-term 'food security'.
Responding to Emergencies
21 August 2009

WFP To Increase Assistance To Southern Sudan

WFP will dispatch more food to southern Sudan where conflict, poor rainfall and high food prices have combined to push the number of people needing assistance up to 1.3 million. Airdrops will be needed to reach remote areas.
Aid professionals
19 August 2009

World Humanitarian Day – 19 August 2009

World Humanitarian Day is being observed for the first time this year even as attacks against humanitarian workers have reached record levels.
Responding to Emergencies
13 August 2009

Funding Shortfall Adds To Misery Of Displaced Yemenis

A five-year conflict pitting government forces against rebels in northern Yemen has caused widespread suffering and displaced tens of thousands of people. Their plight worsened recently when WFP was forced to halve rations due to lack of funds.
Food For Assets
12 August 2009

Water Arrives In Sudan’s Drought Belt

For years, residents of central Sudan’s desolate North Kordofan state spent precious time and money to obtain water. No longer – thanks to a massive reservoir, built as a World Food Programme food-for-work project.
Focus on Women
12 August 2009

Donkeys Deliver Food And Business to Somali Refugees

Somali refugees living in northern Kenya are starting small businesses thanks to an income generation initiative launched by WFP and CARE International.


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