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5 October 2011

From the Fields to the Schools

Torbeck is located in the South of Haiti, about 4 hours away from the capital. Here, in the valley, you might be led to think that everybody is growing rice. This is not far from the truth. Fields are everywhere and rice is one of the main crops grown by local farmers.


Food For Assets
5 October 2011

A Look Back at Completed Projects in Haiti's North West

Haitians have not dubbed the country’s North West department the Far West for no reason. The region feels very far away. Driving the 300 km or so that separate the capital from the North West is a little bit like travelling back in time. Along the way, pavement is replaced by bumpy dirt roads, access to electricity becomes scarce or non-existent. Even the houses, usually built with cement blocks are replaced in the most part by mud huts.

Students And Teachers
3 October 2011

Apply Now To Online Hunger And Agriculture Course Created By WFP And One Campaign

Calling all storytellers: Will you use your voice to end hunger?  WFP and the One Campaign are excited to announce the launch of their online course designed to train passionate volunteers into powerful spokespersons in the fight against hunger.

30 September 2011

Mogadishu Mothers Get A Hand In Fight To Keep Kids Nourished

Fatia and Halima are a pair of young mothers who struggle to find enough food for their families in the alleys of Modagishu. They’re fighting to protect their children from malnutrition, a battle they stand a good chance of winning with help from a special food product called Plumpy’Sup.

Focus on Women
29 September 2011

WFP And UN Women Announce Plan To Empower Rural Women

A scheme tapping the potential of rural women to pull communities out of hunger emerged from a side-event at this year’s meeting of United Nations General Assembly between WFP and UN Women. The agreement focuses on helping women earn income by putting them in charge of projects that boost food security.

School Meals
28 September 2011

Sudan: School Meals Feed Displaced Child’s Hope Of Becoming Doctor

Enrollment at schools in Northern Darfur where kids get free meals from WFP rose substantially over the 2010-2011 school year, statistics show. One of the kids benefitting from the daily meal of nutritious porridge is Haythum, 12, whose family was displaced by conflict 4 years ago.

For Individuals
27 September 2011

FreeRice Now In French And Italian

FreeRice, the online quiz game that turns right answers into rice for the hungry, is now available in French and Italian. The new language versions open the door to millions of new players, while giving French and Italian learners a new way to drill their vocabulary while fighting world hunger.

Responding to Emergencies
25 September 2011

Horn Of Africa: 'Drought Need Not Become Famine,' Says UN

The UN focused its attention to the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa on Saturday, with Secretary General  Ban Ki-moon warning that the “crisis grows deeper by the day”. Looking for long-term solutions at a mini-summit, he cited programs in Ethiopia and Kenya which showed how "drought need not become famine"

Focus on Women
23 September 2011

Why Empowering Women Farmers Will Help Fight Hunger

Giving poor women farmers more tools can bring down the number of hungry in the world by 150 million, said WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran on Thursday, highlighting a central theme at Empowering Rural Women, an event organized by WFP and UN Women on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York. Other speakers at the event also highlighted the role that women farmers can play in defeating hunger.

22 September 2011

WFP Head Highlights ‘Courage’ Of Key NGO Partner World Vision

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran praised the “passion and courage” of World Vision, WFP’s biggest NGO partner in the world, and commended the organization's new report on nutrition.


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