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Focus on Women
19 November 2011

Afghanistan Diary - Day Six

On the final day of Silke's trip to central Afghanistan, she meets three women, each of whom impress her with their determination to improve their own lives, and those of their families and their community. One of them is thrilled at simply having a job in a government office. As a child the idea of working outside her home had seemed impossible.

18 November 2011

Afghanistan Diary - Day Five

With her jeep sliding around in mud, Silke enters the Yakawlang district of Bamyan, where she finds out how a village can be rain-soaked and severely drought-affected at the same time. Talking to the men of the village she also finds out how they are planning to deal with the coming food shortages and what long-term effects that could have on the community.

Food For Assets
17 November 2011

Afghanistan Diary - Day Four

On day four of her trip through the Bamyan region of central Afghanistan, Silke meets a 40-year-old woman who missed out on her chance to learn to read and write when she was young, but is now determined to learn those skills. In the meantime, she's being helped by WFP food rations. Silke also takes a hike on one of the new tourist trails being built through the mountains, also with WFP's help.

Fight Against HIV/AIDS
16 November 2011

Afghanistan Diary - Day Three

During Silke Buhr's third day in Afghanistan, she visits Bamyan Hospital and learns how important food assistance is for patients at the tuberculosis clinic. She also meets Khadeja, a woman who's found a new lease of life thanks to involvement in a plant nursery, which is indirectly helping to improve soil quality in the area.

15 November 2011

Afghanistan Diary - Day Two

Silke's second day in the mountains of central of Afghanistan does not go as planned. After getting bumped off her helicopter flight to the Daykundi province, Silke visits a home for waiting mothers' to find that all of them have gone to have their babies. But she does get the chance to meet Dr Raihana, a courageous woman who's changing the world one healthy baby at a time.

14 November 2011

A Diary From Afghanistan

WFP’s Silke Buhr is currently travelling in the mountains of Central Afghanistan to see how food aid is helping to transform the lives of the people who live there. Here are a few excerpts from her travel diary, which paint a fascinating picture of one of the least visited places on Earth.

14 November 2011

UN Agencies Must Innovate To Respond To Future Crises, Says UNHCR Head

Global megatrends like urbanization and climate change are forcing humanitarian agencies like WFP and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to innovate, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres told WFP’s Executive Board on Monday. 

14 November 2011

Afghanistan Diary - Day One

Silke had to write her first entry in the dark after the hotel generators shut down for the night. Power is in short supply in Bamyan, a town high up in the mountains of central Afghanistan where Silke begins her journey getting to know the people and terrain of this rugged part of the world.

Centre of Excellence Against Hunger
7 November 2011

Brazil And WFP Launch Centre Of Excellence Against Hunger

WFP and the Government of Brazil have launched the Centre of Excellence Against Hunger, a joint initiative which aims to help countries expand their school meal programmes so as to improve the food security of children. “The Centre will provide a unique South-South bridge to food security,” says WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran.

5 November 2011

Candles, Convoys And Communications Centres

Communications Analyst, Mariko Hall, was in Nairobi recently as part of the flood of humanitarian workers arriving in the Horn of Africa to help with the hunger crisis. She was with WFP's crack emergency telecoms team FITTEST, which is always brought in to get vital communications systems in place fast. Sitting in a guest house where there's no power, she explains some of the challenges of setting up a COMCEN (Communications Centre) in emergency environments.


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