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5 November 2011

Candles, Convoys And Communications Centres

Communications Analyst, Mariko Hall, was in Nairobi recently as part of the flood of humanitarian workers arriving in the Horn of Africa to help with the hunger crisis. She was with WFP's crack emergency telecoms team FITTEST, which is always brought in to get vital communications systems in place fast. Sitting in a guest house where there's no power, she explains some of the challenges of setting up a COMCEN (Communications Centre) in emergency environments.

Responding to Emergencies
4 November 2011

Somalia: Far From Home, Mother Fights To Feed Family

Hawa Aden fled to central Somalia from the drought and conflict-torn south desperate for a way to support her family. Though work is scarce and settling in has been tough, she’s at least found a way to put food on the table. In exchange for monthly rations, Hawa helps to clean up the area where families like hers have settled—an important job that will help to prevent the spread of disease.

Food For Assets
3 November 2011

Philippines: Cage Project A Boon For Returnee Fishermen

WFP in the Philippines is helping formerly displaced fishermen increase their catch.  A major upsurge in conflict in Central Mindanao in 2008 displaced over 700,000 people – the world’s largest population displacement recorded that year.  Since then, WFP has been working the with the government of the Philippines to help displaced communities rebuild their lives after returning home.

3 November 2011

Niger: Villagers Find Ways To Remember Crucial PIN Code

In remote areas of Niger, families at risk of hunger are now using 'smart' cards to withdraw the cash they receive as part of a WFP food assistance programme. Villagers are thrilled with the new technology, but, without the benefit of formal education, they need to find their own ways of remembering their PIN code.

First time here
31 October 2011

Feeding 7 Billion People: 7 Must-Reads

The world population now stands at 7 billion and one in seven of these people is already hungry. By 2050 the population is expected to reach 9 billion. What does that mean for food security and hunger? If you want to read up on it and form an opinion, here are seven 'must-read' articles that explore the issues.
30 October 2011

West Bank: Bedouin Girl Answers 10 Questions About Her Life

Sharifa Deif Allah, 12 , is among the 35,000 people that receive food rations through an assistance programme for herder and Bedouin communities run jointly by WFP and UNRWA in the West Bank. She agreed to answer 10 questions about her life and hopes for the future.

Responding to Emergencies
28 October 2011

Cambodia: One Woman's Struggle To Beat The Floods

Chin Cheng Hong’s house is built on stilts, but so high have the floodwaters risen in Cambodia this year that even this was not enough to protect her completely. When the waters crept through her floorboards, she knew things were really bad. 

Responding to Emergencies
27 October 2011

Somalia: A Drought Victim's Story

Nadifa and her family were nomads. Their thriving business, selling milk and meat from the herds of goats, was decimated by the drought in Somalia. They have sought refuge in the village of Docol in central Somalia, where they are now receiving WFP food assistance.

School Meals
27 October 2011

Kenya: Former Aid Recipient Sees The Difference An Education Makes

Thirty years ago, local customs meant Fatuma's mother was under pressure to pull her out of school. Without the food offered at school, it's likely she would have dropped out. But she didn't. She got an education and then decided to devote her life to helping other kids do the same.Today Fatuma is a key figure in WFP's operations to support refugees in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.

For Individuals
26 October 2011

Freerice Comes To China

The viral quiz game that provides grains of rice to hungry children with every right answer is now available in Chinese. Developed by Chinese software company Shanda, the latest edition of Freerice China opens the game to millions of new players who can now test their wits while raising rice for the hungry.


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