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Preventing Hunger
10 October 2011

High, Volatile Prices To Continue, World Hunger Report Says

Food price volatility and high prices are likely to continue and possibly increase, making poor farmers, consumers and countries more vulnerable to poverty and food insecurity, says the latest global hunger report, produced jointly by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the World Food Programme (WFP).

Students And Teachers
10 October 2011

The Food Price Rollercoaster

Want to understand how high food prices really are? And how they're affecting the world's poor? Take a look at this infographic, which also underlines how hikes in food prices mean the poorest families have to make painful savings in areas such as health and schooling for their children.

NB. This infographic has been updated. Go to new version

7 October 2011

9 Kids Who Beat Hunger And Grew Up To Be Heroes

A journalist, a mountain climber, a government minister and an Olympic marathon runner. What do they have in common? All of them got an education with the help of WFP’s school meals programme. Thanks to those lunches, they were able to focus on their studies and stay in school. They are just a few examples of the potential a simple meal can unlock.

School Meals
7 October 2011

WFP Rep In Bhutan Describes Hungry Childhood

Dungkar Drupka runs WFP’s food assistance operations in the south Asian nation of Bhutan. In this article he describes his impoverished childhood in a mountain village and his first experiences of school. He also talks about a conversation he had with a school boy he met many years later, when visiting a remote school as WFP representative.

Focus on Women
6 October 2011

WFP Women Leaders: Sheila Sisulu

WFP's Deputy Executive Director for Hunger Solutions Sheila Sisulu served as South Africa’s Ambassador to the United States before joining WFP. She worked as a high school teacher in Soweto, was active in the struggle against apartheid and married into a famous political family. We recently sat down with Sheila and here’s what she had to say:

School Meals
6 October 2011

WFP Driver Remembers Enrolling At School To Get Food

Wilson Ereng, a driver  for WFP in Kenya, went to school for the first time when his family’s livestock died and there was nothing to eat at home. The promise of WFP food kept him going to school for the next ten years and meant that he received an education. Here’s how he remembers those years.

5 October 2011

From the Fields to the Schools

Torbeck is located in the South of Haiti, about 4 hours away from the capital. Here, in the valley, you might be led to think that everybody is growing rice. This is not far from the truth. Fields are everywhere and rice is one of the main crops grown by local farmers.


Food For Assets
5 October 2011

A Look Back at Completed Projects in Haiti's North West

Haitians have not dubbed the country’s North West department the Far West for no reason. The region feels very far away. Driving the 300 km or so that separate the capital from the North West is a little bit like travelling back in time. Along the way, pavement is replaced by bumpy dirt roads, access to electricity becomes scarce or non-existent. Even the houses, usually built with cement blocks are replaced in the most part by mud huts.

Students And Teachers
3 October 2011

Apply Now To Online Hunger And Agriculture Course Created By WFP And One Campaign

Calling all storytellers: Will you use your voice to end hunger?  WFP and the One Campaign are excited to announce the launch of their online course designed to train passionate volunteers into powerful spokespersons in the fight against hunger.

30 September 2011

Mogadishu Mothers Get A Hand In Fight To Keep Kids Nourished

Fatia and Halima are a pair of young mothers who struggle to find enough food for their families in the alleys of Modagishu. They’re fighting to protect their children from malnutrition, a battle they stand a good chance of winning with help from a special food product called Plumpy’Sup.


Fighting Hunger Worldwide