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Purchase for Progress
16 September 2011

South Sudan: Female Farmer Still Optimistic Despite Hardships

Gracie faced incredible obstacles during her first year with P4P, and had to show a lot of patience as well. When her buyer was finally ready to pick up her surplus, 85% of it was lost. Read here why Gracie is still optimistic about P4P and her plans for the upcoming years.

Climate Change
14 September 2011

Flood-hit Families in Pakistan’s Sindh Province Get Emergency Food Rations

Mir Zadi and her family are among the over 5.3 million people who have hit by the latest floods to hit Sindh in southern Pakistan. They, like many of the flood victims, have already received WFP emergency food rations. Initial distributions will see 500,000 of the worst affected people receive a one-month ration.

First time here
9 September 2011

10 Ways WFP Innovates

Advances in nutrition, state-of-the-art mapping, private-sector partnerships, new types of programmes and the latest comms technology. Here are ten areas in which WFP innovates as it works to feed the world’s hungry.

Focus on Women
31 August 2011

Kenya: Irrigation Repairs Prove Providential in Drought-Hit Turkana

The rebuilding of an irrigation scheme in northern Kenya last year has turned out to be crucial for farmers like Nangor Lobongia. It has meant she and her family have avoided joining the thousands now queueing for food aid in the drought-hit Turkana region.

31 August 2011

Villages In Cameroon Find Solution To Yearly Hunger Season

While drought ravages swathes of eastern Africa, on the other side of the continent many communities in Cameroon’s dry north have set up village granaries to help them through the lean season. Supported by WFP, the granaries are mostly run by women.

Focus on Women
30 August 2011

Laos: Remote Health Centres Get Busy Thanks To WFP Food Incentives

Many women in remote parts of northern Laos wouldn't normally go for health checks, even when they are pregnant. But now, thanks to the food rations WFP is offering as part of a Mother and Child Health and Nutrition project, many more are attending the health centres and getting important health care for themselves and their babies.

Focus on Women
24 August 2011

WFP Women Leaders: Nancy Roman

Nancy Roman worked in journalism, in business, on Wall Street and in the non-profit sector before joining WFP in 2007. She is convinced that her multifaceted career before WFP prepared her well for the role of director of Communications, Public Policy and Private Sector Partnerships. In particular it has helped her develop WFP's work with the private sector.

Responding to Emergencies
24 August 2011

Airdrops In South Sudan Reach Families Cut Off From Assistance

Airdrops are the iconic image of humanitarian assistance – food dropping from the sky to help hungry people cut off from aid. However, it’s not a long-term solution and it happens more rarely than most people realize. Delivering food by road is more cost-effective. But, sometimes airdrops are necessary, as they were recently in a part of South Sudan cut off during the rainy season.

18 August 2011

Former Refugee Now An Aid Worker Helping The Hungry In Ethiopia

Fethi Mohammed knows what it's like to be a refugee. When he was young, his family fled from political turmoil in Ethiopia. Today, he's back in his native country delivering food to those in need.

WFP Ambassadors
17 August 2011

Drew Barrymore Visits Drought-Stricken Kenya

Drew Barrymore wanted to see it with her own eyes; she wanted to come back to the country she grew to love and see how she could help change the lives of the women and children.


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