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ED - J.Sheeran
24 July 2011

Entire Generation At Risk In Horn Of Africa, Says WFP Executive Director

World Food Programme Executive Director Josette Sheeran says WFP is considering every option to reach more than 2 million people who are currently inaccessible inside southern Somalia, including airlifts of food.

Responding to Emergencies
22 July 2011

Horn Of Africa: 10 Ways You Can Help

More than 11 million people across the Horn of Africa are in urgent need of food assistance and WFP needs your help to get it to them. Here are 10 things absolutely anyone can do to help us save lives.

Responding to Emergencies
15 July 2011

WFP Executive Director Briefs Board On Horn Of Africa Crisis

WFP’s preparations for the current drought in the Horn of Africa have already saved many lives thanks to the greater resilience of the threatened population, Executive Director Josette Sheeran told the WFP Board at an informal briefing in Rome on Friday.

Disaster Risk Reduction
13 July 2011

Boy Flees Somalia Alone, Plans To Return As Doctor

Dawude, 15, abandoned his home in Somalia and embarked on a lonely four-day walk to the Kenyan border and the Dadaab refugee camp where WFP is providing food assistance to refugees. He is one of thousands fleeing conflict and drought in southern Somalia.

Preventing Hunger
11 July 2011

Bolivia: Poor Farmers Find Way To Help Feed Local Children

A dairy processing plant set up with EU funding in the Bolivian highlands is helping fight hunger and malnutrition in two ways. By supplying cheese and yoghurt to local schools, it helps keep local kids well nourished. But it also means the farmers who run the plant are now economically better off, and therefore more 'food secure'.

Focus on Women
8 July 2011

Fleeing Abyei, Pregant Woman Finds Refuge In South Sudan

As South Sudan celebrates its birth as a nation, the new country continues to receive a flow of families displaced by conflict in the contested border area of Abyei. Among the new arrivals is Achok Ajou Cyer, who has taken refuge in the town of Mayen Abun, where she is now receiving WFP assistance.

Responding to Emergencies
8 July 2011

Hunger Needs Expected To Rise In Horn Of Africa

The number of people in the Horn of Africa requiring food assistance from WFP is expected to rise as high as 10 million in coming weeks, as drought, high food and fuel prices, and conflict take their toll.

Preventing Hunger
6 July 2011

"I'm A Product Of School Meals," Lesotho Minister Says

When she was a child, Lesotho’s education minister was herself a beneficiary of the school meals programme at her local school. Now that she’s part of her country’s government,  she’s doing all she can to ensure that kids in her country get the same advantage.

Responding to Emergencies
5 July 2011

Ferry Service Brings Aid Workers And Food To Besieged Libyan City

WFP has begun ferrying aid workers to the besieged Libyan city of Misrata. The first ship set sail from Benghazi in early July bearing a cargo of humanitarian personnel as well as several hundred tons of food. This marks an important step forward for the aid effort in Misrata, which has been cut off from the rest of the country by road.

4 July 2011

Malnutrition In DPR Korea Takes Toll On Children

Child malnutrition is on the rise in the Democratic Popular Republic of Korea in the wake of serious food shortages. Cereal rations in much of the country have fallen to a quarter of their normal levels. In paediatric wards around the country, food provided by WFP is helping malnourished children rebuild their strength.


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