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Responding to Emergencies
8 March 2011

Fleeing From Libya, Sudanese Mother Finds Safety, Food

Mai and her family are among the tens of thousands of people who have fled violence-torn Libya in recent weeks. Now, they are staying at a transit camp on the Tunisian border, waiting to be evacuated home to Sudan.

Responding to Emergencies
7 March 2011

WFP Responds to Humanitarian Crisis on Libya's Borders

In response to the ongoing crisis in North Africa, WFP is launching a US$ 39.2 million emergency operation to provide food assistance to 1.06 million people. The food will go to vulnerable populations in Libya, and to people fleeing across borders into Tunisia and Egypt. Get operational update

Responding to Emergencies
7 March 2011

Two Girls Demonstrate Power Of School Meals

As the world marks International Women’s Day this week, two East African girls called Fatuma and Nyipher are working hard to ensure they get the education they need to become the sort of women who won’t need food aid in the future. Both of their life stories involve the timely arrival of nutritious school meals.

3 March 2011

Libya: WFP Calls For Safe Access As Food Ship Turns Back

WFP is calling for safe humanitarian access to Libya after a ship carrying food aid was forced to turn back on Thursday amidst security concerns. "This shows the scale of the challenge we face," said WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran.

Responding to Emergencies
3 March 2011

WFP Executive Director Briefs Pope On Libya Crisis

Pope Benedict XVI received WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran in private audience on Tuesday and was briefed by her on the emerging humanitarian crisis at the Libya-Tunisia border. Sheeran has just returned from the border where she met some of the tens of thousands of people fleeing violence in Libya. 

Responding to Emergencies
2 March 2011

WFP Executive Director Calls For Humanitarian Access To Libya

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran has called for humanitarian access to areas of Libya in need of food assistance after traveling to the Tunisia border on Tuesday to meet local authorities, aid organisations, and people who have fled the ongoing disturbances in Libya. Watch video | Read statement

Responding to Emergencies
1 March 2011

Rising Prices Drive Kyrgyzstan Mothers Out Of The Market

Soaring prices are putting food out of reach for a growing section of the population in the Kyrgyz Republic in central Asia. Food staples like buckwheat and sorghum have tripled in price since June 2010. Women like Uirukan, a widowed mother of six, say they don’t know how they’ll get by if the prices don’t come down.

For Individuals
1 March 2011

How Your Favourite Food Can Change A Life

An innovative online platform enables anyone anywhere to turn their favourite foods into nutritious meals for hungry school children. Launched in February in beta version, gets people to make a difference by “feeding back” the foods they love.

First time here
25 February 2011

Enterprising Girl Feeds 2,800 Kids In Pakistan

After learning that families in Pakistan had been driven from their homes by flooding, 9-year-old Emilie decided that she wanted to help. So she started selling lemonade and gave a speech at a local church. In just a few days, Emilie had raised US $700—enough to feed some 2,800 children in Pakistan.

22 February 2011

High Food Prices: The Situation In Six Countries

Soaring food prices over the past few months are taking their heaviest toll in countries like Bolivia and Kyrgyzstan, which depend on global markets for food staples and where families spend more than half their income on food.


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