A unique view of all the ways WFP is assisting millions of people worldwide.

Cash and Vouchers
17 May 2011

Cash & Vouchers: An Innovative Way to Fight Hunger

WFP delivers hundreds of thousands of tons of food each year but, increasingly, we’re giving hungry people cash or vouchers to buy food for themselves. Particularly when food is available on the market but too expensive for the poorest to buy, cash and vouchers can feed the hungry without hurting the local economy.

Preventing Hunger
16 May 2011

French G20 Presidency Discusses Food Reserves at WFP

WFP and the French G20 presidency hosted a high-level meeting in Rome on Monday to explore key issues in the fight against hunger, including the possibility of setting up emergency food reserves to ensure the world’s poor have access to food even during a major supply crisis.

Aid professionals
12 May 2011

On The Frontlines: Emergency Comms Expert Mick Eccles

From weathering mortar attacks in Somalia to navigating the conflict zone in Afghanistan, Mick Eccles' job training emergency radio operators is anything but boring. But there’s more than just radios to this bearded aid worker, whose casual manner and love of roses have won him friends around the world.

Climate Change
9 May 2011

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Hunger

How many hungry people are there in the world and where do most of them live? What effect does it have on their minds and bodies and what can we do to help them? Here is a list of 10 things about hunger that absolutely everyone should know.

Focus on Women
5 May 2011

HIV+ Mother Finds Way Out Of Hunger Trap

Until recently, Neri, an HIV+ mother of three, often had to choose between feeding her children and feeding herself. It was an impossible choice and she might have died if she hadn't started receiving food as part of her treatment. She's now healther, better able to care for her family and was able to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Students And Teachers
2 May 2011

April Hunger Tweet Champion Awards Announced

Our Hunger Tweet Champion of the month is Michael Crawley, who has the Twitter handle stopextremepoverty. In his excellent Tweets,  Michael tackled the hunger challenge from many different angles - the need for leadership, knowledge and compassion. In the end I selected his Tweet: "For a malnourished child to be mentally challenged because of our inaction is the cruelest form of neglect."

Contributions to WFP
27 April 2011

Partnerships For Innovation Transform Food Assistance

An Innovations Fund set up in 2008 thanks to a US$76 million investment by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is enabling WFP to transform the way it provides food assistance. It has sparked important developments in a key programme linking farmers to markets and in the use of cash and vouchers.

26 April 2011

Libya: WFP Returns To Misrata With Food And Relief

For the second time this month, a WFP-chartered ship has brought emergency food relief to the embattled port of Misrata. In addition to food for 23,000 people, the vessel also brought three ambulances, medical supplies and drinking water.

Responding to Emergencies
26 April 2011

Refugees Who Fled Côte d’Ivoire Tell Their Stories

With tensions lingering in the West African nation of Côte d'Ivoire, WFP is bringing food assistance to some 150,000 Ivorians who fled to Liberia to escape the recent conflict. In eastern Liberia's lush, cocoa-growing region, three Ivorian refugees tell their stories as they wait to return home. Watch new video

Focus on Women
25 April 2011

Bolivia: Food Aid Saves Flood Victim And Her Chickens

Eugenia, 42, used to have a thriving chicken farm, before it was washed away by a wave of flash floods in eastern Bolivia. Afterwards, she feared that her family would have to eat their few remaining chickens to survive. But thanks to emergency food assistance, she’ll be able to keep her chickens and raise more as she rebuilds her farm.


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