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Focus on Women
11 November 2013

Empowering Women to Eliminate Hunger in Malawi

By focusing on women, WFP is working to break the cycle of hunger in Malawi.

Responding to Emergencies
9 November 2013

Philippines Typhoon Damage 'Shocking', Says WFP Representative

WFP’s top officials in the Philippines have described the damage caused by Typhoon Haiyan as devastating and are appealing for support to help meet the needs of people made homeless by the 300-km/h winds and torrential rain. | To donate, go to

Responding to Emergencies
8 November 2013

Philippines Typhoon: WFP Supporting Govt On Emergency Relief Effort

WFP is working closely with the Philippines government to coordinate emergency relief efforts in the wake of a powerful typhoon that that ripped through the central part of the country on Friday, killing at least four people and causing massive destruction. Donate now

Purchase for Progress
6 November 2013

Change Through Cowpeas: In Mali, WFP Empowers Women Farmers

As the world’s largest humanitarian agency, the World Food Programme (WFP) uses its procurement needs to boost agriculture in developing nations through its Purchase for Progress (P4P) programmes. In the village of Logo in Mali, WFP and its partners have helped women farmers improve yields in the fields, while also enriching their children’s diets.


Preventing Hunger
5 November 2013

What Causes Hunger?

The world produces enough to feed the entire global population of 7 billion people. And yet, one person in eight on the planet goes to bed hungry each night. So why does hunger exist?

Purchase for Progress
4 November 2013

Korean Funding To Help WFP Develop Soybean Production For Reduced Malnutrition In Afghanistan

The first donation of the Republic of Korea will enable WFP Afghanistan to support more than 30,000 Afghan farmers and to help reduce malnutrition though soybean cultivation.

School Meals
31 October 2013

In Somalia, WFP Helps Girls To Feed Their Dreams

School meals are at the heart of the World Food Programme’s fight against hunger. Last year, the world’s largest humanitarian agency provided school meals or take-home rations to 24.7 million children around the world. In Somalia, WFP’s school meals are helping to bring children back to class, and this is especially important for girls, who have often been expected to stay at home and help with chores. 

Purchase for Progress
30 October 2013

Rwanda Builds on WFP Expertise To Strengthen Farming

As the world’s largest humanitarian agency, the WFP uses its procurement needs to boost agriculture in developing nations through its Purchase for Progress (P4P) programmes. Rwanda has taken this initiative a step further by working with WFP to build a national strategy to facilitate government procurement needs, known as Common P4P (CP4P). 

Hunger in the news
29 October 2013

In Central African Republic, WFP Helps Farmers Get Back To The Land

Months of conflict in the Central African Republic have driven tens of thousands of people from their homes and farms, swelling the ranks of the hungry. WFP is providing  food assistance to around 200,000 people at present and, in the western Bouar district, is distributing food rations to farmers to ensure they can still work in their fields and produce food.

25 October 2013

Cash For Assets Increases Productivity in Burkina Faso

As the harvest begins in Burkina Faso, beneficiaries of WFP's Cash for Assets activities are reaping the benefits of work done earlier in the year to improve rice production. New agricultural techniques and better roads are helping to increase what farmers can grow and sell, as well as improving livelihoods in a region where malnutrition and food insecurity rates are high.


Fighting Hunger Worldwide