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ED - J.Sheeran
26 October 2010

Japan’s School Feeding Programme A Model For The World

During a recent visit to Tokyo, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran, hailed Japan’s school feeding programme, the oldest in the world, for successfully linking local farmers with child nutrition. Sheeran said the Japanese policy of “local production for local consumption” was an example to be followed.

Aid professionals
25 October 2010

Software Platform Gets The Jump On Droughts

An innovative new software application that keeps real-time tabs on rainfall and its impact on local farmers could help WFP anticipate droughts in Africa before they’re felt. The first platform of its kind, Africa RiskView could also gauge the effects of climate change over the long term.

Focus on Women
20 October 2010

DRC: New Trades Help Women Rebuild From Conflict

After years of armed conflict, women in southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo are playing a leading role in its economic recovery with the help of vocational training centres which keep them fed while they learn new skills. Famiya, the sole breadwinner in a family of seven, says she’s learning to become a businesswoman.

Aid professionals
20 October 2010

WFP Staffer Comes Home To Work In Congo

Peter Transburg spent much of his childhood in a remote corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo while his parents were there teaching. He returned last year as an adult, working for WFP. While he now sees things differently, he says there are many reminders of former days spent climbing guava trees and fishing in rivers.

Focus on Women
19 October 2010

Four Ways To Empower Women

Women hold the key to a future free from hunger and poverty. By supporting women’s education, training them as business leaders, equipping them to become better farmers and aiding those displaced by conflict, the Women’s Empowerment Fund is giving WFP and its supporters a new way to help them do that.

Cash and Vouchers
15 October 2010

Cash-By-Text Pilot Goes Live In Philippines

Mobile phones are everywhere in the Philippines, even the slums of Manila, where people either have their own or share with others. That means the country is well suited to a new pilot project that uses text messages to distribute money earned through WFP 'cash-for-work' projects.

Preventing Hunger
14 October 2010

Home-Grown Hunger Solutions Deliver Results

Ghana, Guatemala, Bangladesh and Cape Verde are just a few of the countries where national governments, working with WFP and others, are taking effective steps to fight hunger themselves. WFP is marking World Food Day this year by spotlighting these successes and the importance of partnerships.

Preventing Hunger
13 October 2010

Olympic Runner Says Hunger Goals Within Reach

Kenyan marathon legend Paul Tergat gives his impressions of the recent Millennium Development Goal summit in New York, which he attended as a WFP Ambassador Against Hunger. A former beneficiary of WFP’s school meals programme, Tergat says the event gave him hope that the world could meet its goals to slash poverty and hunger.

Responding to Emergencies
12 October 2010

Pakistan: “I See People Rebuilding, Replanting, Reclaiming Lives”

Amjad Jamal, a WFP spokesman in Pakistan, has been in the thick of his country’s humanitarian crisis since the monsoon floods started in early August. Now, more than two months on, he says that millions of people are at work reclaiming their lives with the help of a massive food assistance effort.

Preventing Hunger
6 October 2010

Crisis-Prone Countries Need Special Attention, Report Says

A group of 22 countries around the world are facing prolonged hunger crises and require special attention from the aid community, according to a new report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and WFP. The report underscored the need to protect and rebuild livelihoods in these countries.


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