A unique view of all the ways WFP is assisting millions of people worldwide.

Preventing Hunger
13 March 2009

Exhibition Chronicles China and WFP Fighting Hunger

Thirty million people assisted, 30 years of cooperation, US$30 million in donations - a photo exhibition held in Beijing offered a graphic chronicle of WFP's collaboration with the Chinese government in the fight against hunger and poverty.
12 March 2009

"Food Assistance Helped Me Become a Journalist"

Polio and poverty meant Apollinaire Gahungu had a difficult start to life. But things began to look up when he was sent to a WFP-supported school in Bujumbura, Burundi.

Focus on Women
10 March 2009

Haiti: Bill Clinton, UN Chief See Food Reach Hungry

PORT-AU-PRINCE -- If the children were impressed at having the UN Secretary General, a former president of the United States and a world-famous hip-hop star in their midst, they certainly weren’t showing it. The ...
9 March 2009

Haiti: 6 Months After Hurricanes, WFP Remains a Lifeline

Hundreds of families on Gonaives, on Haiti's west coast, lost everything when a series of hurricanes hit Haiti last September. As they rebuild their lives, many rely on feeding centres that use WFP food.
First time here
8 March 2009

Birthday Boy Zane Feeds 1,000 Hungry Children

After stumbling upon while surfing the web, a British schoolboy has decided to give up birthday presents this year to help feed the world's hungry.
Climate Change
7 March 2009

Bangladeshi Woman Builds New Life On Higher Ground

Julekha, 36, can build a more secure life for her family now that she has raised her house out of the reach of floodwaters. She learned how to do this through an 'emergency resiliency' course run by the government and WFP.

6 March 2009

Early Warning System Saves Lives In Central America

Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, droughts… nothing anyone can do will prevent them. But a lot can be done to reduce their impact – especially if there’s an early warning.
5 March 2009

WFP Does What Little It Can For North Koreans

As we scale back our food assistance programme to North Koreans, WFP is allocating the limited food stocks available to some of the most vulnerable regions and beneficiary groups.
Focus on Women
5 March 2009

Women Shoulder Heaviest Burden in Global Food Crisis

Throughout the developing world the global food crisis has made women’s role as chief food provider even more difficult. As WFP delivers food to nearly 100 million people in 77 countries, we try to lighten that burden when we can with an eye toward gender equality.
4 March 2009

Ban Ki-moon Welcomes News of Fewer Hungry in IDP Camp

The United Nations Secretary General, on a visit to a WFP-assisted camp for displaced people in eastern Congo, was encouraged by the news that – thanks to improved security in the region -- many families are returning to their homes.


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