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Focus on Women
4 January 2011

Single Mother In Swaziland Takes First Step Out Of Hunger

Life has never been easy for Mana Mamba, a 24-year-old single mother raising four children in improverished rural Swaziland. But it’s getting easier thanks to a family feeding programme which has spared her youngest from malnutrition while helping his siblings stay in school.

For Individuals
23 December 2010

10 Ways You Can Fight Hunger This Holiday Season

Play the addictive online quiz game FreeRice, Tweet some hunger facts to friends, watch a couple of videos. Wherever you are, from New York to New Delhi, if you have access to Internet, you're in a position to help fight hunger. Here are ten things you can do right now.

Responding to Emergencies
20 December 2010

Fighting Hunger: Things To Remember About 2010

The BP oil spill. Spain’s triumph at the soccer world cup. The arrival of the new i-Phone. These are some of the things 2010 will be remembered for. But viewing the last 12 months through the lens of the fight against world hunger, a different mixture of events emerges. Take a look...

Cash and Vouchers
16 December 2010

Pakistan: Cash Cards Bring Flood Families Back To Market

After losing his home and business to the August floods, Manzoor Ahmed, 37, is again able to buy food at the local market thanks to a pilot project which has replaced his food rations with cash. This way, WFP is supporting local markets and food production.

Aid professionals
14 December 2010

Telecoms Expert Keeps The Lines Open In Madagascar

Communications are an essential part of any humanitarian aid operation, but keeping the lines open can be a tough job, says telecoms specialist Mark Phillips. He and his team have recently finished setting up radio repeaters around drought-plagued Madagascar, a challenging task even under the best of conditions.

Food For Assets
14 December 2010

DRC: War-Weary Families Find A Future In Farming

Thousands of families fled the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in 2008 amid a brutal civil conflict. Many came back two years later to find their homes and farms destroyed. Now they’re building better ones with the help of a WFP programme that provides them with food while they get back on their feet.

10 December 2010

Bolivian Village Cooks Up “Super Food” For Babies

A highly nutritious baby-food made from dried llama meat and other traditional ingredients is providing a locally-produced response to rampant child malnutrition in the Bolivian Andes. Named Kallpawawa, the Quecha word for “super food,” the product has also given the area a much needed economic boost.

Focus on Women
8 December 2010

Darfur Mother Designs Award-Winning Stove

Halima, a 28-year-old mother from Northern Darfur, has won first prize in a contest among local women trained by WFP to make their own clean-burning cook stoves. She won by designing a stove that consumes less wood and produces less smoke than all of the others. View video

Cash and Vouchers
5 December 2010

Cash Vouchers Put Food Within Reach of Senegal Families

More than 17,000 families living the urban slums of Senegal no longer have to choose between food and other necessities thanks to a new cash voucher programme that provides them with money to pay for groceries. The project is also a boon to local businesses, which have fallen on hard times amid the economic downturn.

Aid professionals
3 December 2010

WFP And UK Met Office Map Links Climate Change To Food Insecurity

A new poster map designed by WFP and UK Met Office Hadley Centre weaves together the latest information on climate change and food insecurity to show how the two are related. The map is one of the innovations that WFP is bringing to the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun.


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