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2 September 2013

Twins Make Speedy Recovery In Southern Mozambique

Grandmother Alzira Chingalane was happy to see a marked improvement in the health of her grand-children after they started receiving supplementary feeding assistance from WFP.

2 September 2013

Ethiopia: WFP Empowers Smallholder Farmers Through Purchase For Progress (P4P)

As the world’s largest humanitarian agency, WFP uses its procurement needs to boost agriculture in developing nations: in 2012, itbought US$1.1 billion worth of food and more than 75 percent of that was in developing countries. Now, through its Purchase forProgress (P4P) programme, WFP is procuring food from smallholder farmers, giving them a greater incentive to invest in theirfarms.

Focus on Women
2 September 2013

Nepal: Opportunity As The Great Equalizer

"I am usually dependent on my husband's income to run the household, but this project has helped me get some work experience and earn some money. We have proven that even women can work and contribute to the community's development, if given the opportunity."

30 August 2013

UNHCR And WFP Chiefs Praise Kurdistan Region For Sheltering Syrian Refugees

ERBIL, IRAQ – As the exodus continues of Syrians into the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the leaders of the UN refugee agency and the World Food Programme paid tribute to the government here for giving refuge to almost 200,000 people, including some 47,000 arriving in the last two weeks.

Food For Assets
29 August 2013

A Productive Turn-Around For Rostalina In Mozambique

Rostalina Viana doesn’t remember her age, but she does remember the day that her husband was killed during the civil war more than two decades ago. Left alone to care for three children, Rostalina struggled to make ends meet. 

29 August 2013

WFP Burkina Faso Begins Cash Transfers For Malian Refugees

WFP is piloting a cash transfer scheme for Malian refugees in Burkina Faso – the first activity of its kind for Malian refugees in West Africa.  

Responding to Emergencies
26 August 2013

Raging Rains Turned Afghan Lives Upside Down

Unseasonal heavy rains in many parts of Afghanistan killed dozens of people and destroyed homes and croplands.

Aid professionals
23 August 2013

The UN System in Nicaragua celebrated World Humanitarian Day

MANAGUA – The United Nations System in Nicaragua and its partner organizations held a forum entitled “From Words to Actions” and an informative fair during the celebration of World Humanitarian Day to promote the work and actions that the humanitarian community carries out in the country. 

22 August 2013

WFP Mobilizes Food As Syrians Stream Into Iraq

Food for up to 185,000 people is on its way to northern Iraq where asylum-seekers from Syria are streaming across the border by the thousands in the single largest outpouring of refugees since the conflict began. Salma and Rushda are two mothers who made the arduous journey with their children.

Food For Assets
22 August 2013

Lolona Meets An Important Visitor To Madagascar And Gets Some Good Advice

The eastern region of Madagascar is regularly hit by cyclones and flooding, causing damage to crops and agricultural infrastructure. When this happens, livelihoods and food insecurity are placed at risk. This is where WFP’s food-for-assets initiatives come in – they help communities get back on their feet and be better prepared for future shocks. 


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