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Responding to Emergencies
8 November 2010

Pakistan: On Road To K2, Flood-Hit Villages Brace For Winter

The spectacular beauty of the Himalayan Mountains in Northern Pakistan belie harsh living conditions that will be even harsher this year for farmers whose livestock and fields were wiped out by the August floods. Ahead of the snows that will cut much off the region off for the winter, WFP is pre-positioning food so that the local residents will have enough to eat.

Focus on Women
5 November 2010

Women4Women: Aid Worker's Insight Into Afghanistan

New possibilities are opening up for women in Afghanistan as they start to take a bigger part in the country’s economic life. Challiss McDonough, a WFP staffer in Kabul, tells how watching this transformation has helped to offset the challenges she’s faced as a woman working there. Watch video

3 November 2010

Sizzling Vitamins Bring Nutrition To Egypt's Poor

A project to bring nutritionally-enhanced vegetable oil into the homes of some 60 million people got underway this week in a bid to stem widespread malnutrition in Egypt. The joint effort makes use of Egypt’s vast subsidized food system to ensure that the country’s poorest get the vitamins and minerals they need.

ED - J.Sheeran
2 November 2010

China Has Much To Teach The World About Beating Hunger

Once the site of WFP’s largest operation, China is now the world’s second largest economy with much to teach the world about beating hunger. During her recent trip to Asia, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran visited China’s biggest commodities exchange to learn how activity there impacts the world’s hungry.

Preventing Hunger
28 October 2010

50-Year Village Feud Ends Thanks To Food And Football

The villages of Gattawani Beri and Gattawani Kaina in southwestern Niger had been locked in a bitter dispute over land and religion for 50 years. But during the hunger crisis this summer, they finally managed to put aside their differences and come together for a day of soccer and food.

Food For Assets
28 October 2010

Pakistan Pop Stars Reach Out To Flood Victims

After meeting with families hit by this summer’s monsoon flooding, Pakistan’s celebrated pop duo Zeb and Haniya called on their fans to support the WFP food operation shielding millions of people from hunger. The two promised to take the message with them on their upcoming world tour.

ED - J.Sheeran
26 October 2010

Japan’s School Feeding Programme A Model For The World

During a recent visit to Tokyo, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran, hailed Japan’s school feeding programme, the oldest in the world, for successfully linking local farmers with child nutrition. Sheeran said the Japanese policy of “local production for local consumption” was an example to be followed.

Aid professionals
25 October 2010

Software Platform Gets The Jump On Droughts

An innovative new software application that keeps real-time tabs on rainfall and its impact on local farmers could help WFP anticipate droughts in Africa before they’re felt. The first platform of its kind, Africa RiskView could also gauge the effects of climate change over the long term.

Focus on Women
20 October 2010

DRC: New Trades Help Women Rebuild From Conflict

After years of armed conflict, women in southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo are playing a leading role in its economic recovery with the help of vocational training centres which keep them fed while they learn new skills. Famiya, the sole breadwinner in a family of seven, says she’s learning to become a businesswoman.

Aid professionals
20 October 2010

WFP Staffer Comes Home To Work In Congo

Peter Transburg spent much of his childhood in a remote corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo while his parents were there teaching. He returned last year as an adult, working for WFP. While he now sees things differently, he says there are many reminders of former days spent climbing guava trees and fishing in rivers.


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