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Purchase for Progress
16 October 2013

Honduras: Grain Storage Centre Will Benefit Small Holder Farmers in Yoro

More than 660 small holder farmers, of which 29% are women, will benefit from this new storage facility located in the municipality of Yoro.

Cash and Vouchers
14 October 2013

International Day of Rural Women: Fresh Produce Grown in Ecuador

October 15th marks the International Day of Rural Women. WFP, UN Women, FAO, and UNICEF have joined the Women's Association of Parochial Rural Ecuador to assist in exemplifying the impact that rural women have in our world today. The following article summarizes the impact that Mariana, one of these rural women, is having in her community.

Food For Assets
14 October 2013

Healthy People Depend On Healthy Food Systems

For many of the 842 million hungry people in the world, the answer is not a hand-out of free food. It's more about making local food 'systems' more productive and reliable so that nutritious food is always available, even to the poorest of the poor. But what is a food system precisely? And how can you make it stronger?

School Meals
14 October 2013

Bhutan: Children Learn To Grow Nutritious Food At School

Cabbage, chilli, peanuts, cauliflower, spinach, carrots...the garden of the lower secondary school in Yurung, Bhutan, probably has more fresh vegetables than your average neighbourhood market. Everything in the garden was grown by the children, who then eat their produce alongside the food provided by WFP and the government. In this way, WFP is supporting the community as it learns to produce more nutritious food for itself.

Contributions to WFP
14 October 2013

Global Brands Power Up For World Food Day

World Food Day is on 16 October and throughout the month, WFP’s partner companies are hosting a raft of events, rallying employees and clients to our common cause: ending hunger.

Purchase for Progress
12 October 2013

In Central America, Smallholder Farmers Get Plugged In To Markets

For generations Central American farmers have eked out a living growing the local staples of maize and beans, their harvests barely covering food and production costs. But today, some of the small rain-fed plots that dot the region are generating serious money.

Responding to Emergencies
11 October 2013

Syrian Refugees Get E-Cards To Buy Food In Lebanon

WFP has begun providing Syrian refugees in Lebanon with electronic vouchers they can use to buy food at local shops. Launched in partnership with MasterCard, the programme will help over 800,000 Syrians meet their food needs while giving a boost to the local economy.

Cash and Vouchers
11 October 2013

Syrian Father Explains Impact Of New E-vouchers

Ali, a 35-year-old Syrian refugee in Lebanon, has a lot on his shoulders. As he struggles to provide for his own family and that of his missing brother, an electronic food card from WFP is taking off some of the strain.

10 October 2013

Malawi’s First National School Health And Nutrition Policy

WFP and the Government of Malawi have developed the country's first national school meals policy. This policy will provide the first overall framework for sustainable, coordinated and comprehensive health and nutrition programmes in Malawi’s schools.

School Meals
9 October 2013

Honduras: Ficohsa Foundation Delivers Recognition to WFP

The Ficohsa Foundation for children education celebrated their 15 years of success. Accompanying them in the celebrations were the institutions and people who have contributed significantly to help reach great achievements in preschool education.


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