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Aid professionals
23 August 2013

The UN System in Nicaragua celebrated World Humanitarian Day

MANAGUA – The United Nations System in Nicaragua and its partner organizations held a forum entitled “From Words to Actions” and an informative fair during the celebration of World Humanitarian Day to promote the work and actions that the humanitarian community carries out in the country. 

22 August 2013

WFP Mobilizes Food As Syrians Stream Into Iraq

Food for up to 185,000 people is on its way to northern Iraq where asylum-seekers from Syria are streaming across the border by the thousands in the single largest outpouring of refugees since the conflict began. Salma and Rushda are two mothers who made the arduous journey with their children.

Food For Assets
22 August 2013

Lolona Meets An Important Visitor To Madagascar And Gets Some Good Advice

The eastern region of Madagascar is regularly hit by cyclones and flooding, causing damage to crops and agricultural infrastructure. When this happens, livelihoods and food insecurity are placed at risk. This is where WFP’s food-for-assets initiatives come in – they help communities get back on their feet and be better prepared for future shocks. 

22 August 2013

Mali: Waiting For The Rain

This year the rainy season in Mali has started late which may affect the harvest. Mali is just emerging from the 2011 food crisis and last year’s conflict which displaced many hundreds of thousands. The WFP is assisting the farmers in Segou, some 200 kilometres northeast of the capital, Bamako.

Cash and Vouchers
22 August 2013

WFP Cash Transfer In Mali: New Hope For Displaced People And Host Families

The conflict in Mali has displaced more than 330,000 people and put huge pressure on vulnerable host communities. Having provided basic food commodities to the populations affected by both conflict and a food crisis, WFP is now entering a new phase of its assistance by providing financial support. 

Hunger in the news
21 August 2013

El Salvador: Pizza Hut Launches its Annual Campaign ‘Move with Me’

For the third year in a row, Pizza Hut kicks off its nationwide “Muévete Conmigo” (Move with Me) annual fundraising campaign to support the reduction of child malnutrition in El Salvador.

21 August 2013

World Food Programme Works with Partner on a Reforestation Campaign

On 14 August, a reforestation campaign was launched in the village of Cissin in Burkina Faso's Yatenga Province. The launch was organized by the Association Formation Développement Ruralité (AFDR), the NGO which is leading the reforestation campaign and is one of WFP's partners in the North region. Participants in the reforestation campaign will receive cash transfers from WFP as part of the Cash for Assets programme.

For Individuals
21 August 2013

Nicaragua: “Transporting Food is the Hardest Part of This Job”

Carlos Ortiz works at the WFP field office in Jinotega, Nicaragua. In this interview, he summarizes his work of bringing food to those affected by hurricanes, floods and droughts so they do not go hungry. On World Humanitarian Day, Carlos tells us about the exciting and terrifying moments of his job.

21 August 2013

Nicaragua: “After Hurricane Mitch, We Became Afraid of the Rain”

Being a humanitarian allows Sabrina to practice the profession she loves: Journalism. Her written texts and photos allow her to capture the achievements, hopes, needs and feelings of thousands of Nicaraguans who participate in WFP projects. She believes WFP’s office in Nicaragua is set in “Emergency Mode" because there are always people in need of help.

16 August 2013

WFP Faces Funding Shortfall In DPR Korea

A severe funding shortfall for its operation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has forced WFP to reduce rations to the mothers and children it assists there. In DPR Korea, more than one in four children are stunted from a lack of vitamins and nutrients in their diet. They may never develop properly as a result.


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