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For Individuals
2 December 2010

WFP Receives Surprise Donation By MTV Reality Show

What happens when a college student, an MTV reality show, the private sector and the largest humanitarian organisation in the world join forces? The answer is great TV and a big step in the fight against child hunger.

Preventing Hunger
2 December 2010

Aid Community Asks Donors To Dig Deep In 2011

A group of humanitarian agencies and NGOs has issued their largest ever appeal for support from government donors in 2011 on the back of three major emergencies in Haiti, Pakistan and the African Sahel. Over a third of the US $7.4 billion request is to fund WFP’s food aid operations around the world.

Fight Against HIV/AIDS
1 December 2010

We Can Break The HIV-Hunger Trap, Says Nutritionist

As we remember all those living with the HIV virus on World AIDS Day, millions of people with the disease are barred by hunger from leading the healthy and productive lives that they could have with treatment. Zambia-born nutritionist Mutinta Humbayi says that by breaking down those barriers, we can help stop a vicious cycle driving the epidemic.

Food For Assets
29 November 2010

Ethiopian Growers Turn Barren Land Into Booming Farms

The future is looking bright in Goro Wagilo, a farming village in eastern Ethiopa that once risked disappearing when the topsoil vanished amid rampant deforestation. But farmers like Tonkollu Letu have since reclaimed their land, turning barren hillsides into prosperous farms.

Responding to Emergencies
26 November 2010

“There’s No Such Thing As A Minor Emergency”

While big emergencies with millions of victims dominate newspaper headlines, every year WFP responds to dozens of other “minor” emergencies that often go overlooked. The numbers may be smaller, but the misery is the same, which is why WFP Emergency Response expert Amy Horton says there’s no such thing as a minor emergency.

Focus on Women
25 November 2010

Sudan: Clean Cookstove Puts Mother’s Mind At Ease

Khadija, a mother of 14, recently got a new stove that burns two thirds less wood than the open fire she used before. That means much less time spent foraging for firewood, a dangerous necessity in northern Darfur which carries the risk of rape at the hands of roving militants.

For Individuals
23 November 2010

Giving Thanks, Giving Rice

For families across America gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s never been easier or more fun to help a hungry child in need. With a family round of the online word game, FreeRice, they can put their vocabularies to the test while earning rice for the hungry—all at the click of a mouse.

Responding to Emergencies
23 November 2010

Pakistan: 8 Hunger Facts

The monsoon floods in August hit a country already grappling with high levels of malnutrition, high food prices and a humanitarian crisis along its border with Afghanistan. Here are eight facts that show the full extent of hunger and poverty in Pakistan.

Responding to Emergencies
23 November 2010

How We're Feeding The Hungry In Pakistan

With 7 million people in Pakistan receiving food aid each month, the head of WFP’s operations there explains why even flood victims in temporary camps may favour receiving food they have to cook themselves over food that's ready-to-eat. Answering six questions, Wolfgang Herbinger also explains how food aid comes into play when people return to a village wrecked by floods.

Focus on Women
22 November 2010

Burkina Faso: Mother Learns To Fend Off Malnutrition

Assétau Bagagnan, a mother of four, says she knew nothing at all about the importance of getting the right vitamins and nutrients before bringing her malnourished baby son to a feeding centre in rural Burkina Faso. Armed with this new knowledge, she says she’s now better equipped to care for her family.


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