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Preventing Hunger
6 October 2010

Hillary Clinton Receives Prestigious Hunger Award

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has received a prestigious WFP award for her leadership in the fight against hunger. Clinton said that a bold new approach to issues like nutrition and farmers’ livelihoods was paving the way towards a future without hunger. Watch video

Food For Assets
4 October 2010

Conflict Then Floods -- Pakistani Family Shows Resilience

The floods in northwestern Pakistan hit an area already reeling from conflict. People like Khaistan Jaan had just returned home when rising water forced them to flee again. Now she and her family are starting yet again – sustained by food aid as they dig irrigation canals and plant fruit trees.

Aid professionals
1 October 2010

India: Hi-Tech Ration Cards Streamline ‘Fair Price’ System

With over 330 million beneficiaries, the Indian government runs the biggest subsidized food scheme in the world. However, keeping track of them all isn’t easy, which is why WFP is working with the state of Orissa to streamline the system using biometric data like fingerprints and eye scans.

Preventing Hunger
30 September 2010

Niger: With Harvest Near, Hungry Poor To Receive Cash

As the “lean season” draws to a close and Niger looks forward to a bumper harvest, WFP is shifting gears to ensure that the hungry have money to buy the new food. Schemes providing cash in exchange for work on community projects are one way WFP is helping to protect markets and keep food accessible.

ED - J.Sheeran
30 September 2010

10 Ways To Feed The World

A week after progress on ending global hunger came under a spotlight at the Millennium Development Goal Summit, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran reiterated that a world without hunger is within reach and mapped out 10 key strategies for achieving it.

Responding to Emergencies
27 September 2010

Pakistan: Flood-Hit Farmers Risk Missing Planting Season

Much of Pakistan’s farmland is near its main waterways, which means farmers saw the worst of the recent flooding. Unless they are able to get back to their fields soon, they risk missing the next planting season, which would mean more and worse hunger in the near future.

Responding to Emergencies
27 September 2010

Pakistan: Three Achievements And Three Challenges

The flooding in Pakistan this summer set off a massive aid operation to feed millions of people driven from their homes or stranded by the floods. Two months on and with the floodwaters receding in many areas, we look at what’s been achieved so far and at the challenges that lie ahead.

Purchase for Progress
24 September 2010

"Making Markets Work Is Key To Beating Hunger," Says Economist

Making markets work for the poor is the key to reaching the Millennium Development Goal on hunger, says economist Jeffrey Sachs, citing an innovative WFP pilot project -- Purchase for Progress -- which is making this happen for thousands of small farmers around the world. Watch video

Fight Against HIV/AIDS
24 September 2010

Kenya: HIV-Positive Woman On Food Aid Now Selling Food To WFP

Anne Rono is a small farmer, but after contracting HIV, lost the strength to farm her land. With the help of antiretroviral drugs and nutritious food, she’s not only back on her feet but selling her crops to WFP through an innovative new programme that links small farmers to markets.

ED - J.Sheeran
23 September 2010

Food Aid "Revolution" Brings New Hope For The Hungry

Innovative new programmes and ways of thinking about hunger have radically changed the way WFP does business. At a recent humanitarian roundtable in New York, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran described the "revolution" which has transformed food aid into food assistance.


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