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Responding to Emergencies
24 June 2011

WFP Moves To Assist Flood-Hit Philippines

 WFP is moving quickly to provide food assistance to victims of the current torrential rains in the Maguindanao province of the Philippines, where flooding has caused serious displacement and disruption to people's livelihoods. First food distributions will start on Saturday.

WFP Ambassadors
23 June 2011

Malian Pop Duo Amadou & Mariam Dedicate Song To Hunger Challenge

The Malian pop-duo and world music stars, Amadou & Mariam, are the latest celebrity voices to join the fight against global hunger as the new WFP Ambassadors Against Hunger for the European Union. To raise hunger awareness among Europeans, Amadou & Mariam have dedicated a song to the global hunger challenge.

Food Security Analysis
22 June 2011

Ethiopian Farmer Worries How To Feed His Children

Food prices have doubled in local markets in eastern Ethiopia since February 2011 and drought has limited food production, writes Zenebech Bekele, a WFP food aid monitor, who has seen with her own eyes how many families are having to drastically reduce their food consumption.

22 June 2011

G20 Explores Food Reserves As Way Of Reaching Hungriest

G20 farm ministers are meeting in Paris this week to discuss global food security and ways to reduce the impact of increasing food price volatility on the world's poorest and most vulnerable people.

Responding to Emergencies
17 June 2011

Libya: 500,000 People Fed Since Outbreak Of Conflict

WFP has delivered food assistance to more than 500,000 people in Libya since the conflict broke out earlier this year. However, concerns are growing about people’s access to food, particularly in the areas most affected by the fighting. In some of these areas food prices have more than doubled.

15 June 2011

WFP Holds Global Nutrition Workshop

Canada’s Minister of International Cooperation, Beverley Oda, addressed WFP's Global Nutrition Workshop on Wednesday, stressing that nutritious food is as important as vaccinations when it comes to protecting the world's children from disease and ensuring they grow up healthy and strong.

Purchase for Progress
14 June 2011

3 Ways To Help Smallholder Farmers Help Themselves

High food prices over the past year and growing concern over the effects of climate change have combined to put global food security at the top of the international agenda. A growing consensus among experts and policy makers is that a part of that solution lies in the hands of smallholder farmers.

First time here
13 June 2011

Individuals Have New Power To Change The World

The internet has given individuals greater opportunity to join in important causes like the fight against hunger, according to Nancy Roman, WFP Director of Public Policy, Communication and Private Partnerships. Roman was recently interviewed at the “Social Media Corner” of the World Economic Forum in East Asia.

13 June 2011

Unilever Chief on Why PLB Matters

Paul Polman

13 June 2011

A Big Day for PLB

PLB Breakfast


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