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Responding to Emergencies
28 November 2013

WFP Delivers Life-Saving Food After Cyclone Hits Puntland, Somalia

A tropical cyclone slammed into Somalia’s northeastern coast on 10 November, killing at least 80 people, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Many of those who died were children or elderly people – those most at risk from hypothermia and exposure. Despite logistical challenges, the World Food Programme is providing critical assistance to affected communities while also looking to cater for longer-term needs. 

28 November 2013

How The Aid Effort In Philippines Got Connectivity

In humanitarian emergencies, communications is vital. As part of its response to Super Typhoon Haiyan, WFP is supporting the humanitarian community in the Philippines with IT and telecommunications services.

Responding to Emergencies
27 November 2013

A Roof Over Your Head [Blog From Philippines]

Rice laid out to dry in the sun. WFP food stacked in the mayor's office. A family clearing out the debris from their backyard. WFP's Frances Kennedy travelled to one of the more remote areas of the Philippines hit by typhoon Haiyan. In this blog she records her impressions and thoughts as she meets the people who are struggling to rebuild their lives and homes.

Responding to Emergencies
26 November 2013

Little Boy Back At Play As WFP Helps Rebuild Lives In Northern Mali

As displaced people and refugees start to voluntarily return to northern Mali, the World Food Programme is scaling up its operations to help rebuild livelihoods while also responding to immediate food and nutritional needs. Saouda Salihou, who returned to Gao with her young family, explains why this assistance is vital.

Purchase for Progress
26 November 2013

Zambia's Smallholder Farmers Flourish With Purchase For Progress

When it was first formed in 2008, Musuungu farmers’ co-operative in the northern part of Zambia had a membership of only 25 people. But it has gone from strength to strength - and here's why....

Cash and Vouchers
26 November 2013

Yemeni Families Get A WFP Cash Injection

WFP Yemen’s innovative emergency safety net activities are designed to ‘top up’ food gaps for severely vulnerable households. This month, WFP began using cash transfers in areas where markets function and are easily accessible to beneficiaries.

Aid professionals
25 November 2013

Tales From The Field: Tension And Fear On CAR’s Humanitarian Front Line

More than a million people risk going hungry in the Central African Republic (CAR) after months of conflict. The World Food Programme (WFP) is on the ground, and WFP and its partners since the beginning of the year have been providing emergency food assistance to more than 300,000 people, including refugees, displaced persons, malnourished women and children. With armed gangs roaming large swathes of the country, getting assistance to those who need it most is a challenge, as Augustine Fredericks can attest.

Responding to Emergencies
24 November 2013

Philippines Typhoon: What WFP Is Doing

WFP is working with the Philippines government and the humanitarian community on a massive relief operation to respond to the needs of millions of people affected by Typhoon Haiyan. The typhoon, one of the most powerful storms on record, ripped through the central Philippines on 8 November, leaving behind it a path of death and destruction. Donate now

Responding to Emergencies
21 November 2013

Luxembourg's Grand Duchess Visits Syrians In Turkey

The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg walked through rows of prefabricated container houses and tents in Nizip camp by the Euphrates River in southeast Turkey. There, she witnessed a day in the life of tens of thousands of Syrians who had to flee their homes searching for safety in neighbouring countries.

Purchase for Progress
19 November 2013

Honduras: WFP and TechnoServe Partner in a USAID Project

The WFP Representative, Pasqualina DiSirio, the Economic Adviser of the United States of America Embassy, Mike Taylor, the President of TechnoServe, Lord Tim McLellan, and the TechnoServe Director for Honduras, Ricardo Gonzalez, signed a cooperation agreement of between World Food Programme (WFP) and TechnoServe.


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