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Cash and Vouchers
10 June 2014

WFP Staff In Ecuador And Colombia Share Experiences Of Assisting Refugees

Ecuador hosts the largest recognized refugee population in the region due to the large numbers of Colombians fleeing violence. WFP works with the governments of Ecuador and Colombia to provide food assistance to these people living along the border. Recently WFP staff working in Colombia met with WFP staff in Ecuador to exchange experiences on how to improve food and nutrition security to help displaced people and refugees rebuild their lives.

9 June 2014

10 Images Of WFP's Fight Against Hunger In Colombia

Working in a country like Colombia can be challenging. There is a strong government but in some places internal conflict  persists. So, operating in remote areas where illegal armed groups are active is dangerous. But, as a neutral humanitarian organization, WFP is often able to deliver assistance in places where it might be very difficult for the government to operate.

Cash and Vouchers
9 June 2014

Photo Gallery: "Vouchers for Work" in Bolivia

A severe drought has plagued the El Chaco region of Bolivia, withering the crops of more than 10,000 Guaraní families. Guaraní women, with the assistance of WFP, built a communal garden through WFP’s ‘Vouchers for Work’ programme. In this photo gallery, the women are receiving their vouchers and ready to exchange them for nutritious food.

Food For Assets
7 June 2014

Helping Landless Farmers Get Back On Their Feet In DRC

Rebuilding one’s life after a conflict or a natural disaster is always not an easy task for the rural poor. They have limited resilience capacities and require sometimes longer periods of time to get back on their feet.  In this fragile transition period, WFP in partnership with local NGOs assists vulnerable conflict-affected populations in eastern DRC through agricultural projects to help them grow enough food for their families.

6 June 2014

Brazil and Cuba Share Their Experiences in Social Programmes

The link between social programmes and family agriculture as a tool for development brought together experts and representatives of the governments of Brazil and Cuba with the support of the World Food Programme (WFP) in Cuba. This encounter has special significance against the backdrop of the celebration of the International Year of Family Farming.

Responding to Emergencies
6 June 2014

Violence triggers new displacements and new humanitarian needs in Northern Mali

Recent clashes between armed groups and the Malian military have forced more than 4,000 people to flee their homes in the Kidal region of northern Mali.

Responding to Emergencies
6 June 2014

Cameroon: Malnutrition Levels Above Emergency Threshold Among Refugees From Central African Republic

Exhausted, hungry and often sick, tens of thousands of people have crossed the border from Central African Republic (CAR) into Cameroon. Young children are hit hardest by malnutrition. To respond to the dire humanitarian crisis, WFP is implementing an emergency operation to feed vulnerable families and fight malnutrition, which is proving fatal for people weakened by the cross-border journey.

Aid professionals
6 June 2014

Nutrition For Growth – One Year On

The Nutrition for Growth compact signed a year ago in London by government leaders, UN agencies and private partners, put the fight against undernutrition in the spotlight.  WFP’s Ella Getahun looks at the link between childhood undernutrition and countries’ economic performance as highlighted in the Cost of Hunger in Africa study.

Responding to Emergencies
6 June 2014

WFP Brings Aviation Safety Awareness To Nepal

Around 200 participants from the aviation industry in Nepal are learning about aviation safety and risk management - a priority campaign for WFP's Aviation Unit in order to help the industry respond to emergencies in an effective and efficient manner.

WFP Ambassadors
5 June 2014

WFP E-Cards Support Lebanon's Local Market

When 50-year-old Lebanese shop owner Zaher Khodr joined WFP’s food voucher programme in Akkar, northern Lebanon, about two years ago, he did not know that his business would thrive within a few months. 


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