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12 June 2011

PLB in Action - Improved school meals in Indonesia

 Project Laser Beam in Indonesia

12 June 2011

How Big Business Could Best Play a Part in Fighting Hunger

 A Discussion from Facebook

11 June 2011

PLB in Action - Food Production and Model Farms in Indonesia

 Food Production and Model Farms in Indonesia

11 June 2011

Why is WFP at WEF?

 Nancy Roman

11 June 2011

WFP Bangladesh Country Director Explains Project Laser Beam

Christa Rader, who heads WFP operations in Bangladesh, talks about the impact of child malnutrition and the groundbreaking new effort to stamp it out with the help of the private sector.

Aid professionals
10 June 2011

Swiss Re joins WFP and Oxfam America in the R4 Initiative

Leading insurance company Swiss Re has joined WFP and Oxfam America in a strategic collaboration to link community disaster risk reduction with the benefits of financial tools like insurance and credit allowing poor households to invest in their future knowing that it will be protected when a drought or flood hits.

For Companies
10 June 2011

Harnessing The Power Of Public-Private Partnerships To Fight Hunger

This weekend, leaders from the world of big business gathered in Jakarta, Indonesia, for the World Economic Forum East Asia. The World Food Programme was there too, keen to build on existing partnerships and explore new opportunities for partners in the global fight against world hunger. Go to our blog


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