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ED - J.Sheeran
31 March 2011

WFP's Executive Director Visits Kenya

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran is currently on a 5-day trip to Kenya that includes a visit to the Dadaab refugee camps, one of the largest concentrations of refugees in the world. Sheeran accompanies the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the Executive Director of UN Women.

30 March 2011

WFP In North Africa: Building The Communications Links

WFP's rapid response ICT teams are playing a critical role in ensuring that telecommunications are up and running to respond to the North Africa crisis. For IT assistant Hossam Metwally, the long days have paid off: he is seeing first-hand the importance of building the communications framework needed to deliver food aid.

24 March 2011

Ex-Child Soldier Keeps Food Aid Moving In South Sudan

Not too long ago, Mark Diang was a child soldier in southern Sudan. Thankfully, he managed to leave that life behind and he now works for WFP as a security assistant. He recently received a special award from WFP for his critical role in negotiating safe passage for urgent food aid along a dangerous river route.

Responding to Emergencies
22 March 2011

WFP Bolsters Food And Logistics Support On Libyan Borders

WFP is stepping up provision of food to hungry people crossing Libya's borders, while at the same time working to coordinate and strengthen logistics and telecoms for the humanitarian community as a whole.

Responding to Emergencies
22 March 2011

WFP Sends Logistical Expertise To Devastated Japan

WFP logistics experts are helping move humanitarian aid to the most affected areas of Japan, where this month's earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis have left some 350,000 people in temporary shelters. As the world's leading agency in emergency operations, WFP is responding to Japan's request for help.

21 March 2011

Mozambique Aims To Halve Malnutrition By 2020

The World Food Programme has joined a new action plan by the Mozambican government to bring down one of Africa's highest rates of chronic malnutrition.

First time here
19 March 2011

Rickshaw Driver Struggles With High Food Prices

Rising food prices around the world have hit Nepal particularly hard, with the price of staples soaring and no respite in sight. For Nepalese rickshaw driver Binod Majhi, the price hikes have hurt his business and his ability to feed his family.

Cash and Vouchers
18 March 2011

With New Food Vouchers, Afghan Poor Get To Choose

Until now, Balqisa has rarely had the chance to choose what food she and her family would eat. They are too poor, so they ate whatever they could find. WFP food vouchers are giving her and other vulnerable Afghan families the ability to decide what to put on the table. Watch video

Responding to Emergencies
16 March 2011

WFP Launches Redesigned Humanitarian Early Warning Service

WFP has launched a completely revamped specialist website – the Humanitarian Early Warning Service – providing up-to-the-minute information on natural hazards around the world. As world attention focused on earthquake-stricken Japan in recent days, thousands of users downloaded maps and consulted quake reports.

Responding to Emergencies
15 March 2011

WFP Mobilizes Food For Hungry In North Africa

In response to the ongoing crisis in North Africa, WFP is launching a US$ 39.2 million emergency operation to provide food assistance to 1.06 million people. The food will go to vulnerable populations in Libya, and to people fleeing across borders into Tunisia and Egypt.


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