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Focus on Women
17 February 2011

Kenya: School Meals Help Girl Rise To Top Of Class

Nyipher used to struggle in school. She had trouble paying attention and she’d fall asleep in class. A 14-year-old girl growing up in the slums of Nairobi, her problem wasn’t laziness—it was hunger. Then her school started serving meals at lunch and things began to change. Now, she’s thinking about college and beyond. Watch video

Focus on Women
14 February 2011

WFP Woman Explains How Relationship Survived Nomadic Lifestyle

Nicole Menage, a New Yorker who recently took over as WFP's country director in Nepal, reckons she was pretty lucky with her choice of life partner. Her Italian husband Carlo Pandolfi put his career second to follow Nicole around the world, so she could pursue her career dreams with WFP.

10 February 2011

South Sudan: Road Work Paves The Way To Future

As South Sudan moves towards independence and southerners look to build up business and commerce, traffic on the region’s roads is likely to get heavier. That makes the road rehabilitation work being carried out by WFP's logistics team more crucial than ever.

Focus on Women
9 February 2011

Cote d’Ivoire: Refugee Mother Fears For Husband And Home

When fighting broke out in Cote d’Ivoire after contested presidential elections, Nadine, a pregnant mother of three, fled to Liberia. But her husband stayed behind to protect their home. She hasn’t heard from him since. As she waits for news and a signal they can return home, Nadine and her kids are getting by on food aid.

8 February 2011

The Good News On Malnutrition

There’s plenty of bad news about malnutrition, starting with the fact that one in three children in the developing world suffers from chronic undernutrition and is stunted as a result. But there is good news too.

Aid professionals
3 February 2011

Telecoms Unit Brings The Niger Relief Effort Online

An effective emergency telecoms system is ensuring the humanitarian community in Niger is able to deliver relief and support to people affected by last year's drought. The system, set up by WFP’s emergency IT unit, FITTEST, was built around three radio channels that enable staff to remain in contact wherever they are.

Focus on Women
2 February 2011

Ghanaian Women Go Into Business To Tackle Goitre

A group of businesswomen in the Gbumbgum region of northeastern Ghana has found a route out of poverty through a product which their community badly needs—iodated salt. Iodine deficiency is rampant in Gbumbgum, where the swollen necks of people suffering from goitre are a common sight. Watch video

2 February 2011

Here Comes The Private Sector!

There was a growing sense at Davos this year that the private sector has an important role to play in the world of humanitarian aid and development , says WFP's Nancy Roman.

29 January 2011

"Make women the focus of our work in Africa"

Perry Yeatman, senior vice president of Kraft Foods, gives her thoughts on the "power of women" in the fight against hunger.

29 January 2011

"We need nutritional products for pregnant women"

Barbara Stocking gives her impressions after brainstorming with other women leaders about how best to help women in the developing world to ensure their families get the food and nutrition they need.


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