A unique view of all the ways WFP is assisting millions of people worldwide.

Focus on Women
7 June 2011

WFP Women Leaders: Valerie Guarnieri

“I felt a real difference the first time I went back to the field as a mother,” says Valerie Guarnieri, whose dedication to feeding the hungry has stretched from Sudan, to the Philippines, to her current job as Director of Programme at WFP’s headquarters in Rome.

7 June 2011

Exciting times at Project Laser Beam

WFP and its partners in the groundbreaking public-private partnership to tackle child malnutrition are gathering in Jakarta ahead of the World Economic Forum East Asia meeting starting this weekend, where important new developments are to be announced. 

For Companies
6 June 2011

Former TNT Chief Says Fighting Hunger Energizes Staff

Ex-TNT chief Peter Bakker, who led the way in private-sector partnerships with UN humanitarian agencies, highlights the win-win outcomes that partnering with WFP can offer a company.

Purchase for Progress
3 June 2011

Tanzania: New opportunities for female farmers

Felista Thomas, 57, lives in Shirimgungani, close to the famous Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania. She is the head of her household and owns 1.25 hectares of land. This year she is leasing an additional hectare of land – all because of P4P.

Responding to Emergencies
1 June 2011

WFP Ships More Food To Embattled Libyan Port

A ship carrying vital food assistance arrived Wednesday in the embattled Libyan city of Misrata. The ship, the fourth since the start of the crisis, delivered enough food to feed 25,000 people trapped by the fighting. WFP is extending its operation in Libya until the end of August, with the aim of reaching 1.5 million people.

Purchase for Progress
1 June 2011

Small Farmers In South Sudan Take Bold Step Into Markets

One of the least developed regions on Earth, South Sudan is a tough place for small farmers to get ahead. But a few of them, like corn growers Paul and Angelo, have made the leap into commercial farming with the help of the Purchase-for-Progress pilot programme which works to help connect farmers to markets.

Cash and Vouchers
26 May 2011

Sudan: Camp Dwellers Welcome New Food Choices

Abdulla Adam Mussa and his family have spent the last seven years in a camp for displaced people in western Darfur. For most of that time, they’ve gotten by on food aid. But thanks to a new food vouchers scheme, they’ll be able to shop for their own food on local markets, allowing them more choice and a greater variety.

First time here
25 May 2011

Round-World Sailor Jessica Watson Named WFP Youth Rep

Australia's Jessica Watson, who last year became the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone, is WFP’s newest Youth Representative. In her new role, Jessica will use her fame and spirit of adventure to engage young people around the world in the fight against hunger.

Purchase for Progress
24 May 2011

Gates Spotlights WFP Support For Smallholder Farmers

WFP’s Purchase for Progress initiative was in the spotlight at a key food security event in Washington on Tuesday as Bill Gates applauded the programme which works to connect small farmers to markets and WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran underlined the role corporations can play in supporting it.

Aid professionals
19 May 2011

Vouchers Keep Food Moving Despite Syrian Unrest

The coastal town of Lattakia, in Syria, is home to thousands of Iraqi refugees, many of whom receive food aid through WFP’s new Electronic Voucher System (EVS). In recent weeks, Syria has also been home to an escalating wave of civil unrest. And yet, despite all the chaos, the system has continued to work.


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