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13 March 2014

Less Than Three Years After Famine, Somali Farmers Bounce Back

For the first time, Somali farmers are turning themselves into suppliers of high-quality food assistance, which WFP will use to support their fellow Somali people. This landmark achievement comes less than three years after southern Somalia was hit by a devastating famine.


11 March 2014

Making Investments In A Healthier Future For Malawi

About one in two children risk being stunted in central Malawi. To address this alarming problem of undernutrition, WFP has launched an innovative Prevention of Stunting project to improve the nutritional well-being of young children and their mothers.




School Meals
7 March 2014

Feeding Bodies, Minds And Spirits Of Children In Mozambique

Gelito Abel (11) used to be faced with a difficult decision when he woke up – whether to go to school and be hungry or to stay at home looking for something to eat. That was before meals were served daily in his school in Massecha village in Tete province.

Aid professionals
7 March 2014

A Woman In A Man’s Nest

Radjemma Lao has been a member of our Logistics team since WFP returned to the Philippines in 2006. She has proven to be a strong woman in a domain often associated with men and has worked in several emergency settings as well as in Africa. 

6 March 2014

It Takes A Village In Swaziland

Abigail Dlamini has been a mother to more children than she can count. The children are among the youngest, poorest and most vulnerable in Swaziland; without Abigail and a handful of other women, their lives would be very bleak indeed. But if you visit the Valley Charity Neighbourhood Care Point (NCP) in Swaziland’s Ezulwini Valley between 8 a.m. and noon, you would think there could not be a happier and more energetic group of children.

School Meals
5 March 2014

Haiti: Nutrition for Education

On International School Meals Day staff at the Joseph et Bertha Wigfall School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti reflect on the importance of nutrition for education. 

School Meals
5 March 2014

Women- Anonymous Heroes That Strengthen The School Feeding Program

Preparing the school feeding is an activity that is done every day in more than 20 thousand schools in Honduras, being a very important work because it ensures the attendance and improves concentration of children attending the public schools.

Focus on Women
5 March 2014

Women Farmers Group Scales Up In Rural Guinea

The last few years have been difficult for the “Sultans,” a group of women farmers from the small village of Sountoudiana in Northeast Guinea. Harvests have barely been enough to feed their families, especially during the lean season, and the region suffers from high levels of food insecurity and low enrolment rates. With support from WFP, however, the group has tripled crop yields and doubled membership. Today the Sultans are supplying local school canteens and selling their surplus locally, in the process building the resilience of the entire community.  

Preventing Hunger
5 March 2014

8 Must-See Videos On World Hunger

Climate, nutrition, gender equality...there are many sides to global hunger and, while none of them is hard to understand by itself, it's helpful to look at them one by one. Here are eight short videos that help you do that. 

4 March 2014

Once Hungry Child Now Scaling Highest Peak In Each Continent

On her quest to climb the highest peak in each of the seven continents, Nimdoma, a former WFP school meals recipient, has just conquered Mount Aconcagua in the Andes. It's the fifth mountain on her list, the highest one in Latin America.


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