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28 January 2011

Leaders focus on rising food prices, opportunities for women

At the annual leaders’ dinner in the WFP tent on Thursday evening, about 70 heads of industry, politics, academia and international organizations  discussed high global food prices, export bans on agriculture, improving nutrition for children under age two and opportunities for women.

27 January 2011

Progress On Hunger Due To G-20/G-8 Or Business?

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran took part in a debate about global leadership hosted by BBC World at Davos today. She asked how much of the progress in lifting people out of hunger in the last 20 years was down to the G20 and the global architecture  and and how much was due to social entrepreneurship on the ground.

27 January 2011

CEOs Start Day by Focusing on Child Malnutrition

In WFP’s tent at Davos this morning,  20 CEOs, UN officials and heads of charitable foundations and met at 7 am and rolled up their sleeves to see what they could do about child malnutrition.

26 January 2011

The Tent In The Snow

With deep snow and temperatures stuck below freezing, the idea of WFP hosting events in a tent at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos might seem like a bizarre idea.

26 January 2011

Welcome to Davos!

Welcome to WFP’s Davos 2011 blog!

Responding to Emergencies
25 January 2011

Pakistan: 6 Months On, Food Aid Helps To Power Flood Recovery

WFP is currently delivering food assistance to around 5.2 million people affected by last year’s floods in Pakistan. That assistance increasingly takes the form of support for projects that rebuild bridges, roads and other important community assets.

Focus on Women
25 January 2011

Pakistan: One Day In A Mother's Life

Razia and her family were badly hit in the floods that devastated Pakistan last summer. But they're now getting back on their feet. Helped by food assistance from WFP, Razia's life is starting to return to normal. Here's one day in her life - six months after the floods. Watch video

Cash and Vouchers
20 January 2011

Help Arrives By Text In The Philippines

Families in the Philippines uprooted by disaster have begun receiving text messages which they can cash like checks to buy food. The pilot project makes use of the widespread availability of mobile phones in the Philippines, which is known as the “texting capital of the world”. Watch video

20 January 2011

Flying Aid Workers in Afghanistan: A Tricky Business

Not all pilots would relish the idea of landing a plane on Faizabad’s perforated metal runway high in the mountains of northern Afghanistan, and even the bravest might think twice about taking off in high winds ahead of an approaching sandstorm in Kandahar.

Aid professionals
19 January 2011

New Hazards Calendar Wins Converts

A new calendar has been developed by WFP to help better prepare for food-related emergencies. It works by combining the most authoritative data on seasonal hazards like floods, droughts, pests and cyclones with information about crop cycles and weather patterns.


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