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For Individuals
14 January 2011

Soccer Star Kaka’ Inspires Kids In Oman To Fight Hunger

Last year, a group of young students from the Middle Eastern country of Oman raised enough money to feed some 24,000 hungry children in schools in the developing world. Their successful campaign was launched after their soccer-mad teacher saw a video of Brazilian star Kaka’ holding up a bright, red WFP cup.

Responding to Emergencies
13 January 2011

Emergency Supplies Reach Sri Lanka Flood Victims

Torrential rains across much of eastern Sri Lanka in recent days have unleashed floodwaters affecting around one million people and prompting WFP to launch an immediate emergency operation to provide life-saving food rations to the worst-affected areas.

Preventing Hunger
9 January 2011

WFP Works To Curb Hunger After Vote In Southern Sudan

As southern Sudan holds a referendum on independence, WFP is working to ensure that the landmark event doesn’t produce yet more hunger in a region where food security has been undermined by decades of conflict and natural disasters. Here are four ways we aim to keep hunger at bay.

Focus on Women
7 January 2011

Food Makes Learning Possible For Ambitious Haitian Girl

Marie Anika, 8, wants to work in a bank when she grows up. At the moment, however, she lives in a tent where her house used to be before the earthquake. But that hasn’t stopped her from going to school or dreaming about the future thanks to the hearty meals she eats everyday in class.

7 January 2011

Quake Mothers Find Nutrition And Relief In Peanut Paste

Less than a month after her husband was killed in last year’s earthquake, Farah, 21, gave birth to their second daughter. Getting by since then has been hard, but Farah says she takes comfort in knowing that her daughters are getting the nutrition they need from a fortified peanut paste provided by WFP.

7 January 2011

Pilot Project Puts Fresh Milk On School Meals Menu

A group of Haitian dairy farmers is now supplying Port-au-Prince schools with fresh milk, thanks to a pilot project launched by WFP. The scheme helps farmers gain a foothold in their local market while providing kids who eat WFP school meals with a precious source of vitamins and minerals.

Focus on Women
7 January 2011

“This Work Means A Lot To Me,” Says Haitian Quake Mother

It’s tough digging with a shovel under the hot sun but Cassandre Chery, 28, is glad to have the work. She’s been homeless since the earthquake and says that work in Haiti is scarce. With the money she earns helping to rebuild her country, she’s able to buy food and keep her kids in school. Watch video

Food For Assets
7 January 2011

A Year After Quake, Haitians Glimpse Hunger-Free Future

One year after the earthquake, WFP is helping Haitians move beyond the disaster and start building a future free from hunger. Our food assistance provides meals for children in school, shields babies and mothers from malnutrition, helps economic recovery and supports small farmers.

Food For Assets
5 January 2011

For Pakistan Flood Village, Recovery Starts With Bridge

When the monsoon flood waters surged down the Swat River near the village of Zoladher, they smashed the only bridge linking the two sides of the village. Many children now have to ride a rickety cable car to get to school. With help from WFP, villagers have started work on a new bridge.

Responding to Emergencies
5 January 2011

Côte d'Ivoire: Refugee Mother Bides Her Time In Liberia

When tensions flared over the disputed presidential elections last month in Côte d'Ivoire, Peula Rachele, 31, and her four children fled across the border into neighbouring Liberia. WFP has launched an emergency operation to supply them and thousands of other refugees with nutritious food rations.


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