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18 August 2015

10 Things You Need To Know About El Niño

Here are ten things to know about El Niño, the atmospheric event that threatens to complicate the food security situation in various countries across three continents. Please help the World Food Programme (WFP) raise awareness by sharing these facts on Twitter.

Food For Assets
22 June 2014

WFP Supports The Rehabilitation Of A Water Reservoir in North Kordofan

At the site of a haffir, or water reservoir, in Shabboha, a small village near El Obeid, North Kordofan’s capital, residents of eight villages are participating in a Food-For-Work project implemented by the World Food Programme (WFP). The project, supported by the government of Japan, is run in partnership with Al-Sugya, a local NGO helping communities that have low access to potable water. When fully rehabilitated, the haffir will provide water to a population of 3,280 people.

20 March 2014

WFP Starts Voucher Assistance In Darfur’s Largest IDP Camp

Huwa, a displaced mother of three, is now able to “shop” for her food inside Darfur’s largest camp for internally displaced people. After seven years of receiving traditional food rations of cereals and chickpeas, she is now able to exchange her voucher for fresh produce as well as food that cater to the community’s taste like dried okra and dried tomatoes.

School Meals
13 February 2014

In Sudan, WFP Meals Keep Children In Schools

Ayisha Ibrahim is one of the more than 860,000 school children who benefit from the school feeding programme that WFP has been supporting in 2,395 schools across Sudan.  More than 600,000 children of them are in the conflict-affected region of Darfur and the rest in Central and Eastern regions of Sudan. Ayisha dreams of becoming a doctor someday.

Cash and Vouchers
6 August 2013

WFP Provides Food Voucher Assistance To Newly Displaced People In North Kordofan

Only two weeks after people in South Kordofan fled violence to villages in North Kordofan, WFP reached around 33,000 displaced people with food vouchers. WFP and the Sudanese Red Crescent Society distributed the vouchers in 35 locations in three localities.

Cash and Vouchers
30 June 2013

SUDAN: WFP Helps Displaced People And Local Producers In El-Fasher

In 2011 WFP introduced cash voucher assistance to thousands of displaced people living in Abu Shouk camp in the North Darfur capital town of El-Fasher. Since then the camp's residents have been enjoying the benefits of receiving cash vouchers which gives them the opportunity to get fresh produce that could not be included in conventional food rations. Voucher assistance also helps boost the local economy by creating a demand for local produce.

Focus on Women
14 March 2013

SAFE Stoves In North Darfur: For Cooking And More

WFP's SAFE stoves project means a lot to women in Darfur's north where collecting firewood for cooking has always put women at risk. Displacement and conflict-related environmental degradation forced women to travel long distances in search for firewood spending days away from their children. Not anymore.

Food For Assets
14 February 2013

Education And An Income For Women In North Darfur

Umtoma Ahmad Mohammed is a Sudanese mother of five who married young and spent much of her life caring for her children. Umtoma has not spent a day in primary school. Now, she and her 15-year-old daughter are learning how to read and write. The two women are also learning how to make fuel-efficient stoves and fuel fire briquettes as well as gardening.

Preventing Hunger
2 January 2013

Sudan: Vouchers And New Skills Put Food On The Table

A refugee from Eritrea, Amna Mohamed has spent most of her life in eastern Sudan. A widow and mother of four, her life has never been easy. But it recently took a turn for the better with the help of a voucher programme that put food on the table while she learned how to embroider and make jewellery—skills that will help her provide for her family.

Aid professionals
8 November 2012

Darfur Women Graduate From Safe Stoves Project

A group of women in Darfur say they’re ready to move beyond food assistance thanks to a set of skills they’ve learned through a WFP-supported project that teaches women in the troubled region how to make their own fuel-efficient cook stoves.


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