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19 January 2010

The Haiti catastrophe: lessons learned from previous operations

International aid is not about making miracles happen. It is about the attempted delivery of life-saving and livelihood-restoring assistance to people in dire conditions, in ways that are equitable, impartial and according to needs. The international humanitarian system does this job reasonably well, and is slowly getting better, as a forthcoming ALNAP report, The State of the Humanitarian System, highlights.
26 December 2009

Anybody Seen Pati?

If anybody knows Pati Castillo in Houston, please tell her to phone home. Pati is a 30-year-old Honduran whose children and other family members live in a gang-ridden slum here in the Honduran capital. (..) “One-sixth of the people on earth are hungry,” said Josette Sheeran, director of the United Nations World Food Program. “We’re seeing epidemics of child malnutrition.” Ms. Sheeran notes that evidence has mounted that babies who are malnourished in their first two years of life are likely to suffer lifelong intellectual impairments that later feeding can never overcome.
The New York Times
23 December 2009

India Can Propel World To End Child Hunger

India, perhaps more than any other nation on earth, has the capacity to rapidly propel the world towards the first Millennium Development Goal — to reduce by half the proportion of people suffering from hunger and malnutrition. (..) The World Food Programme created at the United Nations, under the leadership of Josette Sheeran (one of the authors of this article), aims to assist nations with hunger and nutrition solutions, and hereby pledges to work with all in India who want to achieve the Prime Minister’s bold vision (..).
Deccan Chronicle
23 November 2009

The ultimate crop rotation

In recent months, the Ethiopian government began marketing abroad one of the hottest commodities in an increasingly crowded and hungry world: farmland. (..) This impoverished and chronically food-insecure Horn of Africa nation is rapidly becoming one of the world's leading destinations for the booming business of land leasing (..).
The Washington Post
22 November 2009

How Can We Help the World’s Poor?

The number of bleeding hearts has soared exponentially over the last decade. Celebrities embraced Africa, while conservatives went from showing disdain for humanitarian aid (“money down a rat hole”) to displaying leadership in the fight against AIDS and malaria. Compassion became contagious and then it became consensus.
The New York Times


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