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3 March 2009

What Do African Women Eat?

Mathilde Savy and her teams have investigated this question in Burkina Faso for 3 years. In rural areas, they found that women's diet was very monotonous, based on cereals, vegetables and condiments. Meat, fish and fruits were rare and reserved for men.
25 February 2009

Malawi: Cheaper Recipe for Treating Hungry Children

A peanutty paste has revolutionized the treatment of chronically malnourished children. It's a ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) that here in Malawi is called Plumpy'nut Chiponde.
18 February 2009

Arrested Development

USAID has become ineffective because it is underfunded, understaffed, and losing influence. The next president should revive it by either making it autonomous or elevating it to a cabinet-level department.
Foreign Affairs
11 February 2009

The Coming Food Coups

The doubling of grain prices over the past two years has already set off violent protests in over 30 developing countries and led to the overthrow of the Haitian prime minister Jacques Edouard Alexis. Even so, the potential political and security consequences have been given little attention, writes Andrew Natsios.
The Washington Quarterly
10 February 2009

Food For Peace: Eisenhower's Unsung Initiative Can Be Obama's Most Powerful Tool for Peace

As President Obama tackles enormous foreign policy challenges, he would be well-advised to extract good ideas from past administrations and carry forward this "better part of history," writes William Lambers.
History News Network


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