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10 February 2009

Our Culture of Wasting Food Will One Day Leave Us Hungry

All the talk of genetically modifying crops would be unnecessary if the supermarkets - and consumers - weren't so wasteful, says Alex Renton.
The Observer
12 January 2009

The Politics of Hunger

Politicians have it in their power to solve the food crisis, but they must be willing to end the biases against big commercial farms, and genetically modified crops and do away with farm subsidies. So says Oxford University professor Paul Collier in this essay for Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs
12 January 2009

Investing in Early Childhood Nutrition

It has long been known that good nutrition is essential to children’s physical and cognitive development, but recent evidence sheds new light on the optimal timing of interventions to improve child nutrition. Marie Ruel and John Hoddinott produced this policy paper for IFPRI.
12 January 2009

Lives of the Saints

Jonathan Harr, reporter at large for The New Yorker, takes a close look at the lives of international aid workers and their organisations in the central African nation of Chad.
New Yorker


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