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2 November 2011

Embracing Enlightened Capitalism

(Remarks by Dr. Rajiv Shah Administrator, USAID) For the vast majority of human history, mankind has been stuck in a trap.
Every time the world economy expanded or technology would progress, populations would increase. Besides an extremely small number of royals and elites, on average, people didn’t become wealthier. Economic growth and development as we understand it today simply didn’t exist.

28 October 2011

In Famine, Vouchers Can Be Tickets to Survival

The town of Dhobley, Somalia, sits at the gateway of hell. Just west of Dhobley is the border with Kenya, and the road to Dadaab, which hosts a giant complex of refugee camps; Dhobley has become the last stop in Somalia for a growing stream of desperate, starving people in flight from famine. In Dhobley, as well, drought has ruined crops and felled cows.

The New York Times
9 October 2011

America’s Call for Mutual Accountability

(..) I will give you few examples of how we are moving aggressively into that space. We have launched a partnership with PepsiCo and the World Food Program (WFP) to reach tens of thousands of Ethiopian chick pea farmers create a product the WFP can purchase for use in supplementary feeding programs throughout the Horn of Africa and elsewhere in the world.

22 September 2011

NEPAL: Gender discrimination fuels malnutrition

Gender discrimination lies behind much of the malnutrition found in under-five children in Nepal, say locals and experts. (..) "Malnutrition in Nepal is an intergenerational cycle,” said Sophiya Uprety, a nutritionist for the World Food Programme (WFP) in Kathmandu. She explained that supporting pregnant women with a nutritious and adequate diet, rest and care did more than improve a person’s strength - it bolstered society as well.

1 September 2011

The G20 response to the food crisis of 2011 needs better politics and greater ambition

The G20 response to the food crisis of 2011 needs better politics and greater ambition. Are we in the middle of a world food crisis, or aren’t we? Yes, we are – but the political impetus is less than last time, in 2008, and the response inadequate.

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