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Responding to Emergencies
14 May 2013

Life As A 10-Year-Old Refugee From Syria

Toqa’s collection of woolly hats is one of the the only things she took with her when her family fled their home in Syria. It's among few reminders of the home she left behind before coming to Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. Determined to become a doctor, she's at the top of her class at school where WFP provides nutritious snacks to children like her.

Responding to Emergencies
10 May 2013

How A Mother From Syria Kept Her Family Fed

For Syrian mothers like Um Abdou, life as a refugee has been a battle to keep her family from going hungry. She didn't hesitate to sell all her jewelry for food, but it wasn't long before she had no more to sell. Today, food vouchers provided by WFP are putting food on the table for her and around 300,000 other refugees in Lebanon as they wait for the conflict to end.

21 April 2013

Rome-Based UN Agencies Are Honorary Citizens Of Rome

The three Rome-based UN agencies - the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and WFP - were made honorary citizens of Rome during a ceremony to commemorate the 2,766th anniversary of the "eternal city's" founding.

Climate Change
16 April 2013

Tweets Highlight Dublin Conference On Climate Justice

DUBLIN--The "Hunger - Nutrition - Climate Justice" conference in Dublin, Ireland has seen two days of stimulating debate and discussion between high-level policy makers and grassroots groups about the challenge of maintaining food security for vulnerable communities facing climate change that is dramatically affecting their lives.

Disaster Risk Reduction
14 April 2013

Improved Disaster Resilience For Afghan Communities Thanks To Netherlands And WFP

The Netherlands have long been a strong supporter of WFP’s work globally, and a new donation in Afghanistan will enable WFP to support more than 250,000 Afghans with food rations as they prepare for natural disasters.

Climate Change
11 April 2013

Dublin Conference To Highlight Links Between Hunger And Climate

The link between hunger, nutrition and climate justice was the focus of an international conference in Dublin earlier this month as delegates gathered to discuss the impact of climate change on the lives of millions of people living on the frontlines of hunger.

Climate Change
11 April 2013

Africa’s “Great Green Wall” Bears Fruit For Families In Senegal

Efforts to hold back the Sahara Desert with a wall of vegetation are paying off in Senegal where communities harvest fresh fruits and vegetables from the dry desert sands. Providing a much-needed source of nutrition to areas where malnutrition is high, the project also helps communities cope with the rising threat of climate change.

Food For Assets
11 April 2013

Building Walls Against Wind And Water Erosion In Senegal

Years of deforestation have left communities like Kaymor prey to floodwaters which wash away the top soil, carving canyons and ravines through the middle of villages. With the help of food assistance, residents are learning how to slow down the flow with barriers that protect the top soil and their homes.

For Companies
9 April 2013

Michael Kors And Halle Berry Urge World To 'Watch Hunger Stop'

Watch Hunger Stop. It’s more than a slogan. It’s a vision for what we can accomplish together. WFP’s new partnership with the international fashion brand Michael Kors, with support from Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry, will help make that vision a reality.

Preventing Hunger
4 April 2013

Restoring Hope For Smallholder Farmers In Ethiopia

It is a struggle to feed a growing family on land that is subject to droughts and soil erosion. But for Ethiopian smallholder farmers like Abebe Moliso, that's exactly the challenge that life has given them. A land management programme called MERET is helping them deal with it.