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Responding to Emergencies
12 February 2013

Food Vouchers Give Syrian Refugees A Taste Of Home

WFP is providing Syrian refugees in Turkey with electronic vouchers they can use to buy some of their favourite foods from home at local shops. One of few comforts to families living in camps like the ones in Hatay, the programme has also given a boost to the local economy.

12 February 2013

Feedback Desk Gives Pakistan Families A Voice In Food Aid

A new feedback desk in Pakistan has opened a direct line between WFP and the people who depend on it for food assistance. In just a few short years, the service has already evolved into an essential part of WFP’s work in the country, informing its operations on the ground while making the agency more accountable to the people it serves.

ED - E.Cousin
11 February 2013

What We Did At Davos

The World Economic Forum, held in Davos, Switzerland, is a unique event where the world’s most pressing issues are discussed. This year was no exception, as the gathering presented an important opportunity to advocate for the needs of nearly 900 million people suffering from chronic hunger.

Responding to Emergencies
8 February 2013

Mali: Food Aid Is Lifeline For Family Uprooted By Violence

As the fighting escalates in Mali, thousands of people forced from their homes are struggling to survive in other parts of the country. Aissata Walet is one of them. Forced to rent a hut in Bamako which she shares with 30 other people, Aissata say she doesn’t know how she’d feed her children without assistance from WFP.

7 February 2013

Syria: “We Want Our Lives Back. We Want To Go Home”

During her recent trip to Syria, WFP Senior Spokesperson Abeer Etefa met Souad, a 27-year-old mother whose family lost their home to the fighting. Eking out an existence in an empty building near the battles lines, she and her family are surviving on food provided to them by WFP. 

7 February 2013

Six Questions With WFP Nutritionist In Eastern Congo

Crispin Mpigirwa is a WFP nutritionist, who works in the troubled east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where entire communities often have to abandon their homes to escape fighting. A Congolese national, with 15 years of experience in humanitarian work, Crispin is a key figure in WFP’s efforts to combat malnutrition in the camps for displaced people around Goma.

Responding to Emergencies
5 February 2013

WFP Scales Up Operations To Reach 2.5 Million In Syria

To meet the growing humanitarian needs inside Syria, WFP is aiming to expand its reach rapidly, raising the number of people receiving emergency food aid by 1 million in the next three months.

Purchase for Progress
5 February 2013

5 Farmers Who Turned Their Lives Around With The P4P Pilot Project

Helping small farmers connect to markets is one of the most effective things we can do to build communities free from hunger. That’s what the ground-breaking “Purchase for Progress” initiative has done in 20 countries around the world. Now in the fifth and final year of its pilot phase, here’s what five farmers who took part in it have to say about the experience.

31 January 2013

WFP Hosts A Hangout From Syria

Live from Damascus, join WFP's Abeer Etefa for a Google+ Hangout at the centre of the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Abeer has spent the week travelling around the country to visit WFP operations on both sides of the front lines. This unique event will be broadcast live on Google+ and on YouTube Friday 1 February at 12:00pm NYC / 5:00pm London. Watch here

28 January 2013

Syrian Crisis: How WFP Is Helping Families Fleeing Conflict

Humanitarian needs -- especially food -- are growing across Syria. WFP is currently reaching about 1.5 million people every month inside the country. Working with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), we are distributing food both in areas controlled by the government and in areas controlled by the opposition -- even in places where fighting is going on.