UN World Food Programme

Key Telecommunications Services Free for NGOs working in Haiti

WFP has created an NGO section in the front page of the ICT Humanitarian Emergency Platform website www.wfp.org/ict-emergency. The information is in English, French and Spanish.

The section contains information on key telecommunications services that NGOs working in Haiti can have access to for free: 

- Wireless Internet access;
- Internet café with basic print/scan/fax
- Security communications consisting of a VHF/UHF and HF networks with radio rooms operational 24 x 7 in all the areas of operations in Haiti, and in the key areas in Dominican Republic;
- Specific communication channels dedicated to NGOs
- Training of radio users on request. Formal training program to be offered shortly.
- Liaison with government authorities for frequency licensing, equipment and other services;
- Technical assistance (i.e. programming radios).

To get access to these services and for more information on assistance, NGOs can contact Dane.Novarlic@wfp.org