Afghanistan: WFP Assists Families Affected By Flash Floods in Kabul
Published on 24 July 2012

Khadija (left) receiving her family’s food ration. Photo: WFP/Wahidullah Amani

A flash flood in Kabul recently destroyed the homes of hundreds of families. WFP was quick to come to their aid.

Thirty-five-year-old Khadija was home alone when the rain came on 8 July.  She watched the mass of water knock down the gate of her yard in the Dashte Barchi neighbourhood in the west of Kabul. Slowly the water crept higher and higher, she recalls. “When the water started coming into the rooms, I went up to the rooftop and started yelling for neighbours to help me. Thank God my kids were at school,” she says.

WFP quickly did a joint assessment of the situation together with other humanitarian organisations. Within days, 328 families in the neighbourhood received a three-month food ration, while other agencies provided tools and tarpaulins.

“We lost everything,” Khadija says. “Thank you to WFP for bringing us this food.”man putting sacks of food into a wheel barrow






Photos and text: WFP/Wahidullah Amani

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Wahidullah Amani

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Wahidullah Amani, a former journalist, has been with WFP since 2012. He now works as the National Communications Officer for WFP Afghanistan based in Kabul.