WFP Welcomes Brazil And Spain Contributions Worth US$6 Million To Provide Food For Vulnerable People In Sudan
Published on 18 October 2011

KHARTOUM    Brazil and Spain have teamed up to make a joint contribution of US$ 6 million towards United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Emergency Operation in Sudan.

Brazil is donating 3,500 metric tons of beans and Spain is sponsoring the transportation and distribution costs to help the food reach WFP beneficiaries across Sudan.

“We are very grateful to receive this generous contribution from Brazil and Spain to assist those people in greatest need.  This partnership between Brazil and Spain – two important donors – is an example of how we can all work together to make a difference against hunger,” said Amer Daoudi, Regional Director, WFP Sudan.

The contribution towards WFP’s ongoing Emergency Operation, announced today, will help provide a one month food ration for as many as 375,000 food-insecure people in Sudan. 

Since 2009, partnerships between Brazil and Spain have totalled over US$ 75 million worth of in-kind food and transport cost, which has enabled WFP to deliver more than 56,000 metric tons of food across the globe.

For more information on the WFP’s work in Sudan, visit our dedicated country page: