Capacity Building, School Meals
20 August 2014

The mid-term evaluation covers the Armenia DEV 200128 operation ‘Development of Sustainable School Feeding’. It was intended for both accountability and learning and focuses on assessing: i) the appropriateness and coherence of the operation; ii) its results; and iii) the factors explaining the results.

The evaluation assessed the following activities: school meals and school attendance; school feeding capacity development.

The evaluation, which makes a number of recommendations for the future, was managed and conducted by a consultancy firm, with fieldwork taking place in November-December 2014.​

WFP Publication, Research
8 May 2014

The conference was put together in a strong collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia and the World Food Programme (WFP). WFP
responded to the request of the Government of Armenia two years ago to assist in the development of a sustainable school feeding programme, strongly imbedded in national priorities and policy to ensure that all school children in Armenia have an opportunity to have a meal during the school day. This conference has been one in a series of events designed to help strengthen the ministry’s capacity to administer school feeding and enable its successful implementation.