WFP Publication
11 September 2014

WFP Myanmar Operational Report - September 2014

WFP Publication
8 August 2014

WFP Myanmar Operational Report - August 2014

WFP Publication
25 July 2014

In 2013 , WFP launched a new three-year Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO 200299). This provided a good opportunity to review and realign activities with national priorities in a period characterized by an unprecedented, rapid and multifaceted transition in Myanmar. As an overarching goal of WFP in Myanmar for the implementation period of 2013-2015, WFP has aimed to contribute to more equitable development across the country and support national reconciliation efforts by reducing poverty, food insecurity and undernutrition and increasing resilience among the most vulnerable communities.

Since the current project is already half way through, this publication aims to provide a brief and vivid overview of five operational (relief,nutrition,support to HIV/TB clients, school feeding and assets creation) and three thematic (VAM, Supply Chain Management and Emergency Preparedness & Response) activities of WFP in Myanmar, featuring major highlights from January 2013 through June 2014.


WFP Publication
10 July 2014

WFP Myanmar Operational Report - July 2014

WFP Publication
10 June 2014

This report features the most recent updates on WFP operations in Myanmar.

WFP Publication
13 May 2014

This fact sheet provides an overview of WFP Myanmar Nutrition activity under the current three-year Protracted Relief and Recovery Operations (PRRO 200299).

WFP Publication
7 May 2014

WFP Myanmar Operational Report - May 2014

WFP Publication
31 March 2014

WFP Myanmar Operational Update for March 2014

WFP Publication
17 February 2014

This report features WFP Myanmar activities and operational indicators in January 2014.

16 January 2014

WFP Myanmar Operational Brief for December 2013