Current Operations
Relief and Early Recovery Food Assistance to Flood-affected Households in Cambodia

Severe flooding of the Mekong and Tonle Sap river basins and flash floods have affected 18 out of 24 provinces of Cambodia in the worst floods since 2000. 

Operation documents
Budget revisions
Resourcing updates
WFP Offices
Country at a glance 2014
Planned Beneficiaries1,367,310
Beneficiary needs (mt)26,003
Beneficiary needs ($US)27,872,905
Donors - 2014 ($US)
Donors - Directed contributions
Multilateral contributions-
Private Donors606,688
Threats to food security
  • Repeated natural disasters
  • Small landholdings
  • Lack of adequate rural credit
  • Lack of irrigation
  • Limited off-farm employment opportunities