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Support to Improve Mother-and-Child Health and Nutrition

The Operation below has been modified as per Budget Revision 7 (see below).

DEV project started in Jan 2008. DEV project is implemented only in 6 districts. These districts have the highest malnutrition rates. The main activities are; provide supplementary food to children under 2 years of age to reduce malnutrition;

Development project 10607.0 is in line with the National Nutrition Plan and reflects the increasing role of the Government in tackling nutritional problems. It incorporates the results of evaluations undertaken by WFP and its partners and supports the United Nations Development Assistance Framework.

The target districts of Anuradhapura, Badulla, Hambantota, Monaragala, Nuwara Eliya and Ratnapura were selected on the basis of poverty, food insecurity and undernutrition prevalence; they are included in the priority areas of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework.

The most vulnerable health divisions in these districts will be targeted in collaboration with the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition and the United Nations Children’s Fund; these districts are outside the areas covered by WFP’s protracted relief and recovery operation in the north and east of Sri Lanka.

The first objective is to improve the nutritional status of (i) children aged 6–24 months, (ii) malnourished children aged 25–59 months, (iii) pregnant women from the fourth month of pregnancy and (iv) lactating women up to six months after delivery.

The second objective is participation of pregnant and lactating women in health and nutrition education, public health interventions and community activities.

WFP will initially import corn-soya blend, which will then be phased out in favour of Thriposha, a locally produced blended food. To increase local production of Thriposha, WFP will provide capacity enhancement and products or funds. WFP assistance will be gradually handed over to the Government during the project.

To increase the effectiveness of the intervention, WFP will cooperate with the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition, and the United Nations Children’s Fund in providing a package of health and nutrition services, including supplementary feeding, vaccination programmes and distribution of vitamin A, iron, folate and deworming tablets. The package for children and women forms part of the National Nutrition Plan.

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Planned Beneficiaries210,000
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Sri Lanka1,046,157
Threats to food security
  • Land Mines in former conflict areas
  • High Food Prices
  • Climate Change
  • Disruption of Agricultural Cycle