Democratic republic of Congo Situation Report #7 July 2014


  • Depending on the targeted Province, WFP foresees a partial commodity and cash resource pipeline breaks to begin in August, and full breaks to start in September.
  •  In July, C.A.R refugee arrivals to Equateur Province increased. A total of 3,153 refugees arrived in Mole, Inke and Boyabu refugee camps while 1,658 arrived in June.
  • In Katanga Province, the “triangle of death” (Manono-Mitwaba-Pweto) has extended to the Malemba Nkulu (north ovest of Mtwaba) and Moba (north east of Pweto) territories, where the humanitarian situation is critical. As of July, a total of 500,000 people have been displaced in Katanga Province. New IDPs were displaced in July as a result of clashes between the FARDC and the Mai Mai armed groups.