Humanitarian Heroes of Ecuador
Published on 11 August 2014

A few of many smiles that are accredited to our humanitarian heroes of Ecuador. Photo: WFP/Ecuador

World Humanitarian Day is celebrated on August 19th around the world. It was on this day in 2003, 22 aid workers were killed in a bombing at the UN headquarters in Baghdad. On World Humanitarian Day we remember those who have lost their lives in humanitarian service and pay tribute to those that are making a difference through their hard work and sacrifice. These are our WFP humanitarian heroes changing lives in Ecuador.


Veronica planting fruits and vegetables

Verónica Molina
WFP Head of Carchi Sub-Office

Verónica works with members of one of the small-farmer association working with WFP to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for school meals and for families affected by the conflict in Colombia.
Photo: Tamara Montalvo/WFP


Luis delivering food rations

Luis Fernández
Country Office Monitor

When requested by the Ecuadorian Government, WFP provides emergency aid to communities affected by intense rain and floods. Luis plays an important role in this process as he works to assess the initial crisis and from then evaluate the needed goods to support the region.
Photo: Jorge Arteaga/WFP

Tamara and Gabriela

Tamara Montalvo (Left)- Resource Mobilization officer
Gabriela Malo (Right)- Public Information Officer

Tamara and Gabriela team up to raise funds and give visibility to WFP's work in Ecuador. On Rural Women’s Day, in El Ejido park in Quito, hundreds of bicycle riders gathered to celebrate rural women’s achievements and learn about their challenges.
Photo: Marcelo Moreano/WFP


Sebastien Paque
Country Office

Sebastien is responsible for coordinating the Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation assisting Colombian asylum seekers and vulnerable Ecuadorian populations, and is the WFP focal point for Protection. Here, Sebastien helps distribute WFP rations with the Risk Management Secretariat in response to an emergency situation.
Photo:Gloria García/WFP


Ilaria Lazzarini:
Field Monitor

As a field monitor in Sucumbíos Ilaria traveled to remote communities along the river near the Colombian border to reach programme participants of the Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation targeting people affected by Colombian conflict.
Photo: Ismael Silva for WFP