Government, USAID and WFP officials during the ceremony. Copyright:WFP/Maria Antonieta Franco

USAID and WFP Launch “PROGRESANDO El Salvador”

The Coffee Rust outbreak in El Salvador affected coffee production, labor demand, family income and therefore the food security of thousands of families who depend on coffee production. Thanks to USAID support, about 8.200 Salvadoran families will receive food vouchers for the next eight months to help them rebuild their livelihoods, improve their food security and reduce poverty. WFP will implement this project with authorities and NGOs.


El Salvador is a middle-income country with 6.21 million inhabitants (52.3% women, 47.7% men) located in the Pacific coast of Central America. El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country of this region, with an average of 295 habitants per square kilometer. en español

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