Current Operations
Inter-Agency Passenger Services for the Somali Region of Ethiopia

This Operation has been modified as per Budget revision 6 (see below).

Following a United Nations Humanitarian Assessment Mission to the Somali Region of Ethiopia, recommendations were made for the urgent upgrading of humanitarian assistance in the region as well as for the monitoring of current activities.

This Special Operation provides for fixed wing aircraft to allow for increased passenger movement in the Somali region of Ethiopia to support the monitoring of WFP and other humanitarian programmes, as there are no commercial flights to all the key coordination and monitoring centers in this region.

In addition it accommodates emergency rehabilitation works on airstrips in order to ensure the safe access of airplanes to the concerned regions.

The passenger service will be initially provided free of charge for authorized passengers. After three months WFP will review the project and discuss with the UNCT and HQ whether to continue the free service or to change to a cost recovery system. 

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