WFP Provides Assistance to Victims of a Fire in a Port-au-Prince Camp
Published on 6 July 2011

Families receive emergency food assistance after a fire in a Port-au-Prince camp. Copyrights: WFP/Stephanie Tremblay

A blaze in a crowded Port-au-Prince camp leaves earthquake survivors struggling to get back on their feet.

On July 1st, around 9pm, a fire erupted in Camp Acra, one of the biggest Port-au-Prince sites housing people displaced by the earthquake. In this crowded camp with maze-like alleys, it didn’t take long for the fire to spread from tent to tent.

Camp residents and firefighters quickly intervened and managed to quickly contain the blaze. In the end, seventy-five tents were completely destroyed and sixty-six others were badly damaged. No one died, but three people suffered minor injuries.

Wysline Bédard, a survivor of the January 2010 earthquake, lost everything. The following afternoon, she lined up with other families on a football field inside the camp, waiting to receive food assistance from the World Food Programme. “Once again, I have to start over”, she said. Her family relied on the help provided by WFP, Haitian authorities and other humanitarian agencies.

families carrying food after the fire in camp acra

Less than 24 hours after the blaze, WFP provided emergency food assistance to the 150 families affected by the fire. Rice, oil, beans and high energy biscuits were handed out in sufficient quantity to feed everyone for 20 days. While these families start getting back on their feet, they won’t have to worry about having enough to eat.

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