LESSONS LEARNT From the Mother and Child Nutrition Programme in West Nusa Tenggara Province April 2005 - June 2011

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Indonesia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Government of Indonesia had been supporting the Government’s existing Maternal and Child Nutrition programme (MCN) in poor and food insecure areas with high malnutrition rates under the Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation in the period 2005 2011. This documentation is intended to provide an overview of the MCN programme implementation for future capacity development and policy advocacy based on West Nusatenggara context. Data collection was carried out on October – November 2011 through desk review and field visit and the report was based on information from 2007/2008 – June 2011.

The primary objectives of the MCN programme was mostly focused on the improvement of nutritional status and health and nutrition behaviour of the intended target groups at the first phase and elements of strengthening the local capacity and integration to the existing MCN program was added at the second phase through providing locally produced biscuits and noodles fortified with 9 vitamins and 5 minerals along with health and nutrition education. The programme in West Nusatenggara covers 591 Posyandus from 55 villages, 19 Puskesmas, 10 sub districts and 4 districts.