Non-WFP Publication, Evaluation, Research
12 May 2014

The United States Department of Agriculture assessed the feasibility of implementing a locally produced school feeding (LPSF) program to increase small-scale farmers’ agricultural productivity and marketing capacity, and thus improve incomes, in four Sub-Saharan African countries. Research was conducted in Mali, Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda. This paper details the results.

WFP Publication, Evaluation
12 May 2014

This evaluation covers a ten-year period of WFP-assisted school feeding in Kenya. In the global context of WFP, Kenya is one of the largest and most long-standing programmes of school feeding.The three school feeding activities under review here are the Country Programme 1999-2003 (CP 10009), Country Programme 2004-2008 (CP 10264), and the school feeding components of Emergency Operation (EMOP) activities during 2004-07. The WFP-assisted school meals target all schools in the arid lands, the most vulnerable schools in semi-arid lands, and the informal urban slums in Nairobi and Mombassa.