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DPRK: Wheat Flour From Russia Helps Nourish Women And Children
Published on 16 August 2012

Russian donated wheat flour is being moved from the vessel in Chongjin, DPR Korea  

Wheat flour, one of the ingredients necessary for a balanced, healthy diet, enables WFP to provide nutritional assistance to women and children in DPR Korea.

Donated wheat flour from the Government of Russia will be used in the local production of Super Cereals and nutritious biscuits. Around 13 factories across DPR Korea are producing these types of nutritious blended foods enriched with vitamins and minerals.  These blended foods are distributed to pregnant and breastfeeding women and children in orphanages, hospitals and pediatric wards, nurseries, kindergartens and schools.

WFP has been providing assistance to the most vulnerable people on DPR Korea since 1995. The current operation “Nutritional Support to Women and Children” provides nutritional assistance to 2.4 million women and children in 85 counties in DPR Korea. With a contribution of 6,206 tons of wheat flour, valued at US$ 5million, Russia has become the second largest donor to the operation which began on 1 July 2012.

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