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DPR Korea: Improving Production Of Nutritional Supplements Through Local Participation And Partnership
Published on 30 May 2013


In May, WFP’s office in DPR Korea held a workshop on "Lessons Learned and Best Practices" in the local production of Super Cereal and Nutritious Biscuits.

The workshop was atttended by the managers of the 14 factories across the countries with which WFP works, experts on food processing, provincial and central government officials, as well as WFP Representative Dierk Stegen and other staff - 72 participants in total.

The outcome of the discussions will contribute to improvements in the quality of the nutritious foods produced through improved technical capability, an enhanced awareness of industrial hygiene, better production planning and regular maintenance.

Since 1998, WFP has produced fortified blended foods locally in DPRK in a partnership with the government. Through the years, local production has been a pillar of WFP’s operations in the country, promoting local capacity in the production of nutritious foods designed to fight hunger and address high malnutrition rates.

WFP currently uses 14 factories to produce fortified biscuits and Super Cereal enriched with vitamins and minerals, for the benefit of about 2.4 million women and children.

Under this partnership, WFP provides raw commodities, micronutrient pre-mixes, packing materials and spare parts. The government contributes to the project by providing various inputs such as infrastructure, staff support and maintenance.

WFP’s internal cost-effectiveness analysis has shown that the local production of Super Cereals is 35 percent less costly than importing blended fortified foods. In addition, WFP has over the years seen new skills and increased capacity become rooted in the national production network.

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Marcus Prior

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Marcus, a former journalist, has worked in WFP Communications for 10 years in Africa and Asia. Deputy Head of Programme in Afghanistan, currently deployed in Iraq for a mission.