Youths from marginalised communities join WFP's Inclusive-Internship Programme
Published on 12 April 2011

 Five candidates get new opportunities through WFP

DADELDHURA: WFP’s sub-offices in Dadeldhura and Damak, as well as its country-office in Kathmandu, welcomes five new interns as part of its Inclusive Internship Programme.
Started in 2009 and expanded in 2010 and 2011, the Internship Programme selects candidates from traditionally disadvantaged communities who have completed high school education. 
“Our local internship programme has demonstrated success in creating opportunities and building the skills and confidence among young people from socially excluded communities,” said Pramila Karki Ghimire, WFP Country Programme Coordinator and initiator of the Internship Programme.

prmaila jayarubimal bksamjhana parlyarpramod sarbariyabagabhati bk
A warm welcome to Ms. Pramila Jayaru, Mr. Bimal BK, Ms. Samjhana Pariyar, Mr. Pramod Sarbariya and Ms. Bhagabati BK!
Chandani’s story

Two years ago, 24 year-old primary school teacher Chandani Gurung would never have dreamed of the life and opportunities she has today, working for the United Nations in her home town in Dadeldhura, Far-Western Nepal.
Chandani not only comes from one of the most remote and poor areas in Far-Western Nepal - she and her family of 15 are also Janajati, an indigenous group that faces considerable social and economic exclusion in daily life. Caste discrimination is still present throughout Nepal, and today many from marginalized communities face discrimination in educational, economic, health care, and political and religious spheres.
The 11-month internship at WFP’s Dadeldhura field office helped Chandani build the knowledge, skills and self-confidence she needed to begin an esteemed professional career and build a better life for her and her family.
Two months before she completed her WFP internship in March 2010, Chandani successfully interviewed for an administrative assistant position with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Dadeldhura.
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