Report on my trip to Nueva Segovia in Nicaragua
Published on 27 January 2012

Christoher Thielecke, on the right corner, hears the explanation of P4P Experts who controlls crop pests at Jalapa. (Copyright:WFP/Sabrina Quezada)


My name is Christopher Thielecke; I come from Germany and I am 21 years old. I study bilingual correspondence for English and Spanish at the Friedrich-List-High School in Berlin. Currently, I am working as a volunteer for WFP in Nicaragua. In this context, I had the opportunity to participate with the P4P (Purchase for Progress) team in a field trip to Nueva Segovia in July 2011.

Written by Christopher Thielecke- WFP Volunteer at Nicaragua in July 2011

I met with the P4P team in Ocotal, in the far north of the country. This initiative supports small farmers to increase and improve crop yields and their quality and enhance access to the formal market. These farmers organized in cooperative mostly grow beans and maize, the main staple food of every meal in Central America. During my visit with the P4P Team I was able to see first-hand how this project is enabling smallholders to access seeds and other agricultural inputs under more favorable conditions. Credit may be reimbursed after sale of the harvest of corn or beans. 
I also visited the municipality of Jalapa, at the border to Honduras, where WFP experts are working with local partners to control crop pests. WFP field staff provide training via workshops to small farmers to improve crop quality as per market standards. Furthermore, I visited a farm where FAO and WFP are working together to assist farmers with crop cleaning and selection according to product classification standards.
An experience that impacted me the most was visiting a small rural farmer named José Odbulio Sevilla. He proudly showed his product and the new machinery which enables him to produce more and better quality grains.  He expressed his appreciation of P4P`s assistance. This showed me how important WFP`s work is in supporting Nicaraguan farmers.
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