Humanitarian Heroes of Nicaragua
Published on 11 August 2014

Two of many smiles that are accredited to our humanitarian heroes of Nicaragua. Photo: WFP/Nicaragua

World Humanitarian Day is celebrated on August 19th around the world. It was on this day in 2003, 22 aid workers were killed in a bombing at the UN headquarters in Baghdad. On World Humanitarian Day we remember those who have lost their lives in humanitarian service and pay tribute to those that are making a difference through their hard work and sacrifice. These are our WFP humanitarian heroes changing lives in Nicaragua.


Liz Maria Ubeda, close up

Liz Maria Ubeda
Head of WFP Sub-Office Jinotega (Nicaragua)

In Nicaragua’s Coffee Region, Matagalpa, WFP's Liz Maria has worked in the community so long that she knows the names of  parents, teachers and students of the local schools.  She is a hardworking member of the Nicaragua team, and is passionate about strengthening the links between education and the communities participating in the School Feeding Programme.
Photo: WFP/Alejandro Chicheri

Carlos Oritz close-up

Carlos Ortiz
Field Monitor Assistant- WFP Sub-Office Jinotega (Nicaragua)

Carlos is an important pillar of support to many. He is passionate about providing assistance by delivering goods to the most vulnerable. At times, he looks back on his experiences in communities where disasters have taken the livelihoods of whole families, and is reminded of the importance of humanitarian work in communities with limited access to food and water.
Photo: WFP/Alejandro Chicheri

Henry Lopez, close-up

Henry López
Driver- WFP Sub-Office Siuna (Nicaragua)

Driver at the Siuna Field Office, Henry Lopez gets involved in many ways to show his care for the local communities we support. He says the highlight of his job is getting food to the people who need it most but he goes above and beyond his driving duties to make sure they get the best we can offer. He’s often found checking food quality and helping with pest control in the food store too.
Photo: WFP/Alejandro Chicheri


Juan Jose Lopez posing next to a WFP truck

Juan José López
Driver- WFP Country Office Managua (Nicaragua)

Since 1992, Juan José López has been a dedicated WFP staff member as an official WFP driver. Juan José is particularly skilled at monitoring all aspects of security when driving in the field. Beyond his role, he often interacts with the communities he visits and creates amicable friendships.
Photo: WFP/Alejandro Chicheri