Current Operations
Saving lives and preventing acute malnutrition for crisis-affected populations in Niger

A severe food and nutrition crisis is currently unfolding in Niger. This is the result of a series of complex andinterrelated shocks, specifically: i) significant cereal production deficits due to drought and pest infestation in Niger and the Sahel region; ii) an early and steady rise in cereal prices; iii) poor livestock-to-cereals terms of trade, linked to pasture degradation; and iv) the loss of economic opportunities and the displacement of households linked to insecurity in the Sahel region. The situation of children is of particular concern, as the high prevalence of acute malnutrition - that approaches critical levels during the lean season even during normal years - is at risk of deteriorating rapidly.

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Country at a glance 2014
Planned Beneficiaries0
Beneficiary needs (mt)171,611
Beneficiary needs ($US)319,616,965
Donors - 2014 ($US)
Donors - Directed contributions
Multilateral contributionsUS$ 3,219,000
Saudi Arabia3,000,000
Private Donors54,831
Threats to food security
  • Extreme poverty
  • Demographic expansion
  • Unfavourable weather
  • Crops infestation
  • High illiteracy
  • Low education levels