With funding from Brazil and support from the Government of Senegal, the programme, launched in 2012 under the name “Purchase from Africans for Africa,” strengthens food security as well as the economic and social development of rural communities. 

Improve production, increase harvests, feed schoolchildren: a wager won in Senegal

At 200 schools in the Kedougou region of Senegal, children are now eating locally-produced rice, thanks to a programme financed by Brazil and implemented by WFP and FAO. Some 1,000 small producers provided 250 tonnes of paddy rice—half their total production—to school feeding programmes last year, and farmers consumed or sold the rest of their harvest on the local market, increasing their income. The initiative is a prime example of South-South cooperation and of integrated development set to expand. 


Although it is one of the region’s more stable countries, Senegal remains a low-income, food-deficit nation with an estimated population of 13.7 million. Senegal is ranked 154 out of 186 on the 2013 Human Development Index.  

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